Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back for Another Round

Started another round yesterday. We took two weeks and went on vacation. Had 10 wonderful days in Italy. I weighed myself to see if I would gain. I decided since I was in my home country there was no way I was going to be on p3. I totally intended to eat anything I wanted. And I did. I discovered that my Italian food tasted better lol. Though I enjoyed it immensely. We walked at least 5 miles everyday. We toured Rome, Florence and Venice. I ate Gelato about 4 times. It was awesome. The best ice cream I have ever ate. I was worried I gained weight while gone. But thankfully with all the walking I lost 4 pounds. It was a wonderful time with my husband and son and his girlfriend. My husband and I have plans to go back without the kids. Maybe some romance then :P I will have to post pictures later as blogger is being squirrely right now and wont let me.