Friday, February 19, 2010

Hevnt Seen You in a Long Time

Love getting a "you look really good".
Husband came home from Haiti Thursday. Had to make an appointment with the doctor for him. Poor baby came home sick. So found out it was an inner ear infection along with sinus infection. But he felt well enough to go to favorite Mexican restaurant. Haven't been there except for once since October and the owner wasn't there. So he saw me and did a double take. New hairdo and I'm not sure he knew it was me(giggles).
He kept staring at me. Saying its been a long time! So after our meal he came over and chit chatted it up for a few minutes. He then told me I was looking good and looked at Jim and smiled. So yeah that made my day.
Holding on to that 45.
And yes I ate some things I shouldn't have. A few chips and a a couple spoonfuls of rice. I found that a little here and there doesn't hurt me nor change the scale but a half a pound up and down and I can deal with that.
Anyway I had a great moral boost for today.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Before and After Pic

Before and Not So After. 4 months of Dieting. Cant believe how fat my face and everything got. O well changing my mindset and changing my future. 45 pounds lost so far and 57 inches gone forever.

Lovers and Others

Couldn't think of a title but figured it fit for valentines day :P

My valentine for this holiday was my mom. She started HCG about two weeks ago and has lost 15 pounds. She is diabetic. Hoping after losing weight she can be done with all her diabetic medications. Well she took a planned interruption to go out with me. So dinner and a movie. Applebees Ribs Yum. I gained a .5 pound from dinner last night but I am so ok with that. So going to walk today do some Pilate's and maybe a little floor exercises to tone up a few giggly spots. Tomorrow back to the pool and the gym.

Got that blasted measuring tape out. So this round only lost 8 inches but that makes a total of 57 since Oct 2009. Amazing how most of my inches were lost on the first round.

So maintaining for now! Good luck on reaching your goals all you lucky losers :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Hair for the New Me :P

Husband likes it. I always wait till he is gone before I do something drastic to myself. One day it will be the boob job :P

Staying Alive lol

I was reminded by a sweet email that I have totally slacked off on blogging. Its true. Guilty as charged. super super busy. Husbands in Haiti and we have two businesses with 15 male employees here. So while he is gone I do double the work. Im now on maintenance with a 20 pound loss this past round. Didnt reach my 50 pound goal but happy with losing a total of 45 pounds. Some highlights were shopping for my mother of the bride dress and am in a size 18 dress. So in dresses Im 3 sizes down. jeans are a different story some are 18 some are not lol. Higlight today was water aerobics and then some toning on machines. used the eliptical and some others. Need to tighten up alot. I lost weight in some weird places. ALot on my boobs and underarms lol. Seems like I lost more weight in my upper body than anywhere else. Have not lost one inch on my arms ugh. So one month then Ill do another round. I need to measure tommorow morning so I can gauge what the workout will do. Will promise to post more. It is good for the soul and helps you keep you eyes on the goal and my goal is a size 7. :P

Thursday, February 4, 2010


So after an absence of sorts. What is new? Ended p2 of r2 about a week ago. Too much stress going on. Earthquake in Haiti and we have children and friends there. Couldnt handle it and be on a diet. Well ended r2 with a 20 pound loss so counting my blessings!. Only 1 pound over my LIW. Ended r2 short but its ok. I plan on finishing my shots starting this monday after super bowl sunday :) Company coming over. Dinner theatre this saturday so I plan on enjoying myself before I go for another 10 pound loss. Then on maintenance for 3 weeks then back on the protocol right before my daughters wedding. Sounds like a plan right. Lets hope I can stick with it. Trying to reach onederland before the wedding. Crossing fingers :P

Good news is that all of our friends in Haiti are fine. The school we are building is still standing. The only up hill battle is keeping our orphanages stocked with food and water. But we have come this far so I think we can do just fine. Believing only good things.