Monday, November 30, 2009

My Puppy Tiffin

The doctor believes we caught the parvo very early. They put her on iv's and admitted her Saturday. We haven't been able to see her but they or we have called everyday. She hasn't been vomiting and no blood in her stool. Shes weak still but alert. They say we can probably pick her up Wednesday. She will have to be on a strict diet and in quarantine for a month. I will be getting alot of exercising as i cant just let her run loose like we usually do on our 10 acres. I will have to walk her a few times a day so she gets her exercise and goes potty in certain areas. So just like any sick kid I'm going to have to baby her. She will be bumming cause she wont be able to have any treats o well. Ill be on p2 and i cant have any either lol.
Thank you for all the well wishes for her.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Only 1/2 Pound Over My LIW

Seems those 5 pounds are coming off by themselves without me having to do steak days. I just upped my protein to the max and cut down on the veggies. God I love those vegetables. Thats what I missed the most on p2. Well I have my appointment set for Monday the 30th @ 2pm to pick up my injections of HCG. She suggested I double up every other day since I am starting it sooner than 12 weeks. But we will see how that goes. Anyhow I am ready to start losing again. Never thought losing weight could be addictive :P

Friday, November 27, 2009

Down a Pound After Thanksgiving Day

Yep this bod is a fickle one, while I didnt indulge I didnt expect to be down a pound either. All I had different was a crustless piece of pumpkin pie made without sugar. It was yummy and some other stuff that was p3 friendly but I felt stuffed and I thought surely it would bite me in the big ole butt. But was nicely surprised that the scale went down. Whoot. So now I am just 2 pounds over my LIW. Maybe my body is finding its correct weight. Who knows anymore. Im just really happy to start another round this week. Our puppy Tiffin who is an Alaskan husky and only 7 months old is sick today. I am praying its not Parvo which can be fatal in puppies. She doesnt want to get up and move. We have a 2 pm appointment for test. So if you read this and you believe in prayer please say one for her.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Not to Bad

But the scale be the judge. Well ate a piece of sugar free crustless pumpkin pie and some cream echeese stuffed celery along with some stuffed jalepenos. Upside is I didnt touch the mashed potatoes or the dressing and rolls. Strictly ate turkey and veggies.Im going to start another round next week. So the cheesecake will be frozen until my load day. Ha so there!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving.

I was going to be super witty but I am way too tired. In my family the big family get together are at my place. We have the biggest house probably amongst all of us and well I just like doing it. I get cranky sometimes cause I bust my butt trying to make it nice the day before lol. I decorated the tables and so far have made 3 pies and one cheesecake(which I will be freezing me a piece for my next load day lol). Made the dressing, the appetizers and some country style noodles. So far the whole house is cleaned except for the master bedroom. My husband cleaned the family room downstairs. He might get lucky just for doing that :P

Wishing everyone a blessed holiday.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Guess Ill Be on P3 for Another Week

Seems my Homepath is on a Thanksgiving vacation. What gives? Doesnt she know I want my HCG lol. O well. The scale went down a little. Who knows what my fickle little(big) body is up too. Still getting on the treadmill. Thank goodness for Deperate Housewives as it is so freaking boring. Bought the holiday groceries. Changing up a few things so I can enjoy it also. Stuffed celery and stuffed jalepenos and deviled eggs for snacking will replace the potatoes, the noodles, stuffing and rolls. I am looking forward to going back on another round and start loosing again. I would rather loose weight than eat on the holdiays. Priorities. Actually looking and considering holiday vacations that require wearing a bathing suit. Even that I am far from that point. Just something to look forward too.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not Looking Back

Well even though I am having difficulties stabilizing. I have tasted what it is like to lose weight and I enjoy a thinner me. I desire to be thinner even more than I desire food. I am making plans for the thinner me. I am also joining a swimming excercise program in addition to me working out on the treadmill. So no matter what my doctor says I will continue on a healthier lifestyle. Im hoping to go back on the HCG on thanksgiving and start losing again. But I will take her advice and follow through.
Such hard work metally. Wonder what the scale will bring me tommorow.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I am very confused about this p3 thing. I have done everything I know to do. Upped my protein lowered my carbs and I am finding myself after a little over two weeks 5 pounds above my LIW. Calling my doctor and after three weeks of being off the hcg and shots I want to go back on. I would rather loose weight than eat. That is where I am at right now. Just pissy and confused.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Did Somebody Say Protein

Well I took some advice and loaded up on protein today. By my weight I was told I should have 200 g of protein. OMG so much freaking food. Scares me. Curious what the scale will do tommorow. So a little nervous is an understatement.
After living on 500 calories a month this is like crazy eating this much food. Who knew 2000 calories was so much.
Upside peeps is I lost 8.5 inches since my last meaurements which were on the 30th of October. I quit measuring beacuse that week I showed no loss cause my weight was redistributing. So thank God for a little good news. I have been getting up and using my treadmill. Working up to using it for an hour so far only 20 minutes. But it gives me a chance to watch Desperate Housewives. My husband didnt like the idea of me watching it, Probably cause of the title. Ha! Its a hoot and Im only on first season. Well thats one way get my ass a moving lol.

Some things you just should tape yourself doing.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Day on P3

So as usual the big feast will be held at my house. So I am trying a few p3 friendly recipes along with the usual's only problem is I haven't taste tested some of these.

Here are an additional few I will be making:

Mock Potato Salad ( to go with ham)

1 pound cauliflower (cut into 1/2" cubes
1/4 cup fresh onion diced
1 large celery stalk chopped
3 strips of bacon cooked and crumbled
2 hard boiled eggs chopped
1/4 cup ranch dip made with sour cream
1/2 tsp seasoning salt
1/4 tsp lemon pepper
1/4 cup sliced almonds(optional)
1/2 tsp parsley flakes

Pour 1 inch of water into a pan with lid and add cauliflower. Cook it covered over medium heat until done about 5-8 minutes. It should be slightly firm when done. Immediately run cold water over to stop it from cooking any more. Make sure it is completely cool and drain.
Place the drained cauliflower and remaining (except parsley) ingredients into a serving bowl.Stir well to combine. Garnish with parsley serve chilled

Serves 6
Carbohydrates 8 g Protein 5 g Fat 5 g Calories 97

Stuffed Jalepenos

12 fresh jalapeno peppers halved lengthwise and seeded
1 (8 ounce) package whipped cream cheese
12 slices bacon, cut in half

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C).
Stuff each jalapeno half with whipped cream cheese. Wrap a half slice of bacon around each stuffed jalapeno half.
Arrange wrapped jalapeno halves in a single layer on a medium baking sheet. Bake in the preheated oven 45 minutes, or until bacon is evenly browned and crisp.

Protein: 3.5g Carbs: 1.7g Total Fat: 22.4g Calories: 222

Spiced Squash Pie (aka Pumpkin Pie)

Cranberry Sauce and Applesauce

OOOOOPS I Did it Again

Seems the old girl needs to do another steak day. I was hoping I would wake up and magically those pounds would be gone. Ummm nope didnt happen. So plan for the day is to load up on freaking water YUK! And eat a big steak.
Suggestions from others suggests I am being too careful and eating too much veggies and under cutting my protein. So after steak day today I will be eating much more protein. All I have to do is survive the fasting all day. I hope I can drop the 3 pounds by morning. Anyone saying this isnt hard is a butt head. i never thought that 2000 calories was alot of food but when you factor in not eating grains, potatoes and rice thats alot of calories in fruits, veggies and protein. What a quandry I am in. Almost panic moments when I see the scale go up. Havent put anything in my mouth Im not allowed to I just think Im being conservative where I shouldnt be.
I discovered also I am missing the high of waking up every morning and loosing pounds. Imagine that.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two Pounds + Over LIW

Ok frustrated. Not eating over the 1500 calories but seems Im over the two pounds of my LIW. Dont have any steak in the house and well I dont feel like driving 20 miles total to get one. So I will eat as usual and get my steak tomorrow. I think Im eating too many caution foods so I am going to eliminate those and just stick to the allowable veggies, fruit and protein. O well I guess thats why its called stabilizing. Cause it takes a freaking lot of work!
Planned dinner will be grilled chicken with assortment of veggies.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

P3 Day 8

Well to my amazement I could really care less about eating. Just one week into p3 and I don't feel like eating anything. Ugh I fantasized about this phase during p2 and now that its here blah! So don't know what is going on with me. I'm glad I don't feel like binging or pigging out. Bottom line. Nothing is thrilling me appetite wise. I eat because I have too or just because I feel a twinge of hunger. Didn't eat breakfast. All I was in mood for was a cup of vanilla coffee with a little cream. Probably wont do that again for another week. Yesterday had 1200 calories. I can go up to 2000 and be OK but just didn't want anything. Am I fickle or what? Dr. S did say that obesity became prevalent when culture changed to eating three square meals a day, whether you were hungry or not. I guess the postponing of eating until I'm hungry is a good thing. I just have to remember not to put it off until I am famished and I grab something I shouldn't. All about living intentionally and not half assed. Living life by the seat of my pants. What did that get me but a big butt and big girl pants lol.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

One Week into Phase Three...Feels Like Christmas

So not bad. I am continuing the quest of cleaning out my closet. This morning I tried all my fat clothes on. Some I haven't been able to get into for two years. All I can really say is that it felt like Christmas.White Christmas Tree Pictures, Images and Photos
Just like getting new clothes. And yeah baby some of those when put on were loose. I did the naked happy dance. lol I have so far packed up 7 lawn trash bags of fat clothes that I am giving away. Its only been 5 weeks since starting this journey, but I am determined never to go back.
I even took a bold move and got rid of all my summer clothes I wore cause I will not fit into them by next summer. :P

So far today I am behind on nourishing myself lol. I had two small green apples for breakfast and a scoop of sugar free organic peanut butter. Its not too bad with the sweetness of the apple. On its own it takes yukky but the apple gives the sweet taste to it. It was yummy and satisfying. Took a friend to get her HCG supplies. I'm excited for her.
Eating lunch a bit late but o well. Baked hot chicken and two cups of steamed broccoli.
O yeah girls. Got my Julian bread. it was fantastic. I had a piece last night toasted no butter with bacon and eggs. And yippie the scale didn't jump negatively :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

P3 Day 6....ho hum de dum

So stupid freaking scale I hate you. First your up then your down. I swear my scale is not only female but bipolar ;)
I'm not discouraged. Nope. You little biotch you are not going to get the best of me. No matter what you say. I lost 25 pounds and I'm not going to be swayed every time you say I gained a pound when I didn't do one bad thing lol.
So teetering back and forth with a pound or two then back down again to my LIW. Fickle Little body.

So busy busy day. Love doing reports for the Department of Labor. Yeah they can kiss my big not so fat @@@. lol So any who lol. Couldn't eat lunch until 3 pm, that's bad. But all I ate was broccoli and turkey meatloaf. Not bad on the calorie front there. So totally slacking on the water intake. Got to get back on track again with that.

Thought this was pretty cute:

Thursday, November 12, 2009

P3 Day 5

So steak day only got me a one pound loss. But that's OK. if I am over again by 2 pounds I will just do it again. Went to the big city to pick up my new rugs. Its looking pretty snazzy if I do say so myself. Spent my whole paycheck :P Most stuff I bought was 60% off so I was blessed.

I made sure I ate before I left so I wouldn't fall into temptation. Its easier to fight the fast food demons calling out to me if my tummy is full.

Going to be a single this weekend as the boys will be pheasant hunting. I'm thankful we got our alarms set up with 24 hour monitoring. I wont be near as chicken with lots of bells and whistles that will go off if somebody messes around here. Then there butts will be peppered with a whole lotta metal lol

So since they will be gone I made me a batch of veggie soup and a few days of turkey meatloaf. Here's to all the boys and girls out there trying to win the battle against the bulge:

I couldnt just post one

So many reasons to stay on track!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Steak Day Already

Yep you read that right. I have to do a steak day already. 4 days and already over 2 pounds of my LIW. I contribute that to the hiden something in restaurant food. What did I eat at the restaurant but veggies and more veggies. But I did have that crab salad which might have been more than just crab and a mayonaise dressing. So whats on the menu but a big steak. Shucks. Not happy about the gian. Moral of the story if you didnt cook it dont eat it!

So I guess I will drink water and eat a Ribeye.
Hope it will correct the error. Fingers crossed and apparently mouth shut for the rest of the day :(
Going to take a walk to take the edge off.

Another reason to NOT take fat pictures. You just might end up all over the net lol

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

P3 Day 3

So I am getting busier it seems. venturing out of the house more now that Im not on p2. had to go to springfield to look for area rugs for the great room. finally after three years I found what I want. If I have to spend money(a considerable amount) I am very picky. I have a 30 by 30 foot living room and I just didnt want to buy just anything. So yippie I was pretty stoked to finally find one. Well because I was hungry we went to a lunch buffet which seemed to be my best bet. Small salad with some crab salad. Fresh fruit baked chicken, broccoli and green beans I was so stuffed :) Have to run my totals now to see if I can have an apple or something for dinner.

Here is my rug. Matches my fireplace perfectly.

Also bought a round one for infront of the doorway :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

P3 Day 2

Yesterday evening was terrible. Had terrible cramps and the runs. Yuk. Not sure if it was bad hamburger meat from restaurant or just eating different foods. Had a yummy lunch. Spinach salad with red onions, bacon and an egg, hot bacon dressing. Shared it with one of my employees who is also a friend. I love allrecipes.com I can tweak recipes with the stuff I can have on P3.
Woke up at 5 am to do the pilates. Umm ya Boring lol.

Here is a picture of lunch. Eat ya hearts out. :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Phase 3 Day 1

Ah so woke up early as usual. I'm finding myself much more rested since I have been on this diet. I don't need sleeping pills to go to sleep or to help me stay asleep. A really good benefit of the HCG protocol and healthier eating.
So the plan was to eat a little breakfast since I have had any in over a month. So made some bacon and eggs. All I can say is wow.
Then we had company today so we decided after church to go to a local restaurant. I picked a hamburger steak with green beans and coleslaw. I ate way to much and have been bloated all day. Wont do that again. I guess its cause Ive gone so long on a limited amount of food. My eyes were bigger than my stomach literally.
Well I thought it would be impossible to eat 1500 to 2000 calories in one day. Well ooops I was wrong. I calculated my totals on lunch alone and it was over 1400. Wow! Breakfast was 324 and lunch was 1490. Yikes.
Tomorrow will be better. No restaurant food. I know I'm supposed to eat that much but it felt so not normal anyway and I didn't like the feeling I got. Curious as to what my scale will say.
On tomorrow's agenda Pilate's at 5 am. Fun Fun

Party hats anyone. Whoa!

Friday, November 6, 2009

1st Day No Injections

No injections to take today but I woke up at the usual time to tinkle lol and weigh in. Down another .8 pounds. So far not hungry but had to go to the big town today to get some things. Picked up the gk and went to the health food store. O my he wouldn't keep quiet. Nanny those hot dogs are brown. Shhhhsh Stephen. He thought the stuff looked weird lol. Bought an expensive pound of almond flour. Yikes. But he did find some peanut butter stuffed pretzels he wanted. We will see if he likes them lol. If not he bought some spinach dip and scoops for later at the regular grocery store. Made ribeyes and shrimp for the family and grilled some onions and hot chicken for me.

When I went to the store yesterday to buy some phase 3 foods I found that my mouth was watering at the thought of some of them lol. Sugar free jello with strawberries. O the things that will make me smile. I even bought some pork rinds to have when i just want a crunch or too. I just wont think what they really are when I eat them. I have to do that with eggs.

So looking forward to a real breakfast Sunday morning. Still have to clean out my clothes closet. Im getting rid of the frumpy fat girl clothes. I can still fit into some of them I just refuse to wear them. Nervous about p3 but excited.

I will start Pilate's Monday and I'm looking forward to it.

Good luck my fellow scale junkies and HCGers.

A few to giggle or cry who knows:

Just say no to frosting!

And say NO to cake!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

25 Pounds Lost

So today is my LIW and I lost 1.5 pounds since yesterday. Im thrilled that I lost 25 pounds this round. Im ready for p3 I am making a list of all allowable foods and snacks. Its almost orgasmic the thought lol. I cant wait to mix my vegetables. I am so much more appreciative for food. You would think an overweight person would be appreciate already but no.
I got a nice compliment from my husband. He said he cant let me leave the house alone without supervision since I lost some weight. I said well no one has noticed, he said well your husband has. :P
So I made a list of allowable snacks. OMG I will think I arrived in heaven early lol

Funny for the day:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Company's Coming

Well seems we will be having out of town guests. They are elderly and well coming Sunday. I was planning on finishing my hcg shots next week but looks like I will sooner. The plan is to take them out for dinner. I just hate having to explain myself to everyone. So plan is to start my 1500 calorie maintenance phase Sunday. Just ordered me some Julian Bread. So many on the protocol use it on the maintenance phase. So I will try but use it sparingly and see how my body reacts.
Here's a yummy picture:

The one thing I noticed differently since being on this diet I have become intentional. Basically putting myself first. Making plans of what I need to eat. Not waiting until I am so hungry I just grab whatever. Making better choices and really saving money by buying different. Pre packaged food is expensive. But then again I just spent $20 dollars on two loaves of bread but hey Im worth it. And I miss it. If it fubs me up on the p3. I will delete it. Im planning on introducing a caution food one at a time to see how my body reacts.Im really nervous about doing something different. Its so much safer with the limited foods we have on p2. Biting nails(fake lol)

Officially lost 23.8 pounds in 27 days.

Funny for today. Yowza baby...............

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

23 Pounds Lost 7 to Go

Well I officially lost 23 pounds as of this morning. Yeah. Its nice to see a new number emerge every morning. I too have become a scale junkie. I told my girlfriend that if I was still on a stall this morning after apple day I was going to cut my inections off and begin p3. But because I lost more than a half a pound I will stay on as long as Im seeing a loss. Though I cant wait to start on p3 and eat a variety of veggies and meat. I am deffiantely more appreciate of food. Amazing the things we take for granted and not even be aware of it. Water tastes like butt. My daughter says the other word when stuff tastes nasty lol. I dont know why but ever since apple day I cant stomach the water again. Its beautiful and Im going to go for a walk. Then eat my lunch.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Well apple day wasnt so bad. Most people say its only psychological. But anyway. Scale said I went down 3 pounds. Had a really nice you know what lol. Yuk gross but hey its important. So enjoyed a mini steak and onions. An a apple. So maybe I will be over my stall lets hope for the best. O and I did a pregnancy test to test the potency of the HCG and it didnt give a result on just the injections but good news is Im pregnant! lol

Heres one for the boy's

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Apple Day Today

I am doing my apple day. So far had 3.5 apples. Not hungry but not happy either. I woke up with a pound gain and I didnt cheat. Dont know what is going on but Im just hanging in there I hope I show more than a pound loss tomorrow because it said I gained one today. Wondering if karma is biting me cause Ive been dwelling on cheating but yet havent done it. :(
Went to a Mary Kay party today but couldnt do the facial's I explained that I was on a detox prescribed by my doctor. A friend wanted me to try a piece of oooey goooey brownie. Even went as far as to put it on a spoon and try and feed it to me. Torture. I didnt stay long after that. Left within minutes. Gave her a kiss told her I loved her and booked it outta there.
Wish me luck.