Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Years

And once again I havent lost the weight! I am planning my new years menu to enjoy with friends. So far without desert the meal is 1800 calories. Good news 20 minutes on treadmill burns 76 calories. Ya I see that helping! So whats a girl to do?

And if I had to pick between these two woman Id pick the thick girl anyday.


Took Christmas pictures. And I discovered I had the hugest double chin!
I am gonna take nude pics so I can look at them to see what I really look like. Truthfully I dont believe when your fat you really look at yourself. So Im gonna take them print them out and look at them when Im on treadmill!
Warning! Before you look this is the fatty for the day!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

20 Ways to Trick Fat

I copied this article cause I thought its suggestions were worthy and easily attainable. I dont know if I could validate the products its suggests but the advice seems noteworthy.

And for encouragement here is a picture comparison of 5 # fat verses 5# of muscle.

20 Ways To Trick Fat

By: David Gluhareff

How many times have we all wanted to lose a few pounds or tighten here and firm up there? If we had a nickel for every time we said something like that or felt those ways when we looked into a mirror or tried on some clothes we would be able to afford to build our own gym!

I have looked back into my brains, library and condensed some material for you to help you trick fat and get it to leave and uncover your muscle tone!

[ 1 ]
Cut back on sugar!

If you consume too much sugar, it will easily be stored as fat!

[ 2 ]
Take walks or perform other types of cardiovascular activities at least twenty to thirty minutes per day!

Use the product Nitro-Octane by Serious Nutrition Solutions (SNS) to help increase aerobic capacity, muscle fullness, muscle pumps, endurance, vascularity and to aid in the exercise recovery process.

Click here for other SNS products.

[ 3 ]
Walk more.

Do not park up-close to a store when you can park a little farther away to burn more calories walking in!

[ 4 ]
Take the steps instead of the elevator or the escalator!

This will help you to get your blood flowing and burn some extra fat!

[ 5 ]
Start a weight-training program on your own or with a trainer!

Try to start with a total body routine two to three times per week with 10-15 repetitions. Make sure to stretch often to improve you flexibility and improve circulation. Weight training will give you added muscle which will help you burn fat all day even when you are sleeping!

To help you keep your fat burning muscle use the product BCAA Supreme by Serious Nutrition Solutions (SNS). This will provide your muscles with the necessary building blocks to help keep your body from entering a catabolic state (the catabolic state is the state in which your body breaks down your hard earned muscle tissue)!

[ 6 ]
Drink more water!

Staying hydrated is important to having a healthy immune system, healthy skin, and a quicker responding, less cloudy brain.

[ 7 ]
Know The Facts.

Know what kind of calories you are eating by cooking and preparing your own meals instead of getting take-out or eating out! Who knows what you get when you eat at a buffet!

[ 8 ]
Cut back on fats.

Cut back on saturated fats such as fat from red meat and greasy or fried foods!

[ 9 ]
Don't Believe Everything You See.

Stop believing in FAT-FREE foods because most of them have hidden fats, which are synthetic or fake fats that actually hurt you more than ordinary saturated fat! These bad fats are called trans fatty fats or hydrogenated oils/fats!

[ 10 ]
Eat in moderation!

Too much of any food will be too much for your body to use for energy, so it will be stored as fat! Listen to you body and when it says it is satisfied it means it!

[ 11 ]
Drink more coffee or tea.

If caffeine does not bother you then have a little coffee or tea in the morning to give you a boost to get you started in your day!

Learn more about caffeine, click here.
Or visit our store for other products.

[ 12 ]
When on vacation, try to exercise.

When on a vacation try to get some exercise each day to help you burn off those excess calories you consume and help you not feel so guilty when you get home.

[ 13 ]
Keep you carbs low, but your protein high!

You do not want to cut carbs out altogether, because you will need them for energy. Just choose from healthy complex carbs such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, whole grain bread, and veggie pastas! Choose from chicken, turkey, white pork, lean red meat, fish, and egg whites for your lean meat and low-fat protein choices.

If you want to try some low-carb protein bars try: Protein Diet Bars by Optimum Nutrition or the Carb Rite Low Carb Bars by Universal Nutrition. If you would like to try some low-carb protein powders try the Low Carb Lean Body Protein Packets or the Specialized Protein by Universal Nutrition.

[ 14 ]
When you eat out, go lean.

When you do have to eat out get a lean meat and veggie meal and no fries, smothered potatoes, fried chicken and gravy or greasy burgers!

[ 15 ]
Get 8 hours of rest per night. Take a nap if needed.

Make sure you get at least eight hours of rest per night and a half hour to an hour and a half nap in the afternoon preferably! This will keep you immune system strong and help you be stronger and livelier throughout your day!

[ 16 ]
Eliminate stress.

Keep stress to a minimum so you will not gorge yourself with food to help you deal with stressors in your life!

[ 17 ]
Keep an active social life.

Keep an active social life so you will not stay around the house all the time and be tempted by food constantly.

[ 18 ]
Eat 5 - 6 small meals a day.

Always try to eat at least five to six small meals per day to help you keep your metabolism running high. Never miss meals because that would slow your metabolism down and you will store more fat!

[ 19 ]
Do yard work to burn extra calories.

Get out and do some good old yard work to burn some extra calories!

Buy a push mower instead of a riding mower to get some more exercise!

Or weed wack like Jay Cutler.

Learn more about Jay on his website http://www.jaycutler.com.

[ 20 ]
Make your healthiest meal, your last one!

Make your healthiest meal of your day the last one before bed, which is usually dinner. Try to have a lean white meat and a green vegetable! No carbs and no sugars would be a great idea since your body is slowing down for the day and you have that eight hours of sleep in front of you!

How to Be as Big as a Sumo Wrestler

Check this video out

Watch Fat Ass Sexy Sumo Body Diet! How to Gain Weight in How to Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com<

Women Who are Overweight have More Sex?

Women Who are Overweight have More Sex?
I thought what she had to say was interesting.

Observations of a Nerd: Why women are overweight and have more sex

Only a Pound of Fat

Whats in a number well check this out

So you can look at this one of two ways.
Either thats a pound you gained or a pound you have lost.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Uncomfortable In Your Own Skin

I was browsing through old pictures. Ever wonder how you get yourself in the position you are in. The fat position. Ugh. I hate being in my own skin. Never comfortable. Cant just pick something up off the rack and purchase it. No have to try it on because sizes are not universal. Another Ugh.

Some interesting tid bits I found:

Fat People Blamed for Global Warming

British scientists say they use up more fuel to transport them around and the amount of food they eat requires more energy to produce than that consumed by those on smaller diets.

At least 400 million adults worldwide are obese. The World Health Organization (WHO) projects by 2015, 2.3 billion adults will be overweight and more than 700 million will be obese.

Leonard Nimoy(Star Trek) - Chubby Lover?


And the chubby for the day goes too:

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Free Weight Calculator...awesome

Free Diet & Weight Loss Journal
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I found this while searching for helps and fatty pics and it is awesome, you can track everything include moods and activity levels. And it gives you a goal on how many calories you need to burn etc, check it out

Beautiful Girls ............

Calories in Alcohol and Wine Coolers Yikes


Beer - Basic Types:
(12-oz) Calories/points

Beer, non alcoholic == 72/1-point
Beer, light ========== 105/2-points
Beer, regular ======== 145/3-points
Beer, strong ========= 180/4-points
Beer, lager ========== 120/2-points
Beer, Stout ========== 190/4-points

Name Brand Beers:
(12-oz) Calories/points
draft beer mugs are normally 16-oz

Anchor Porter ======== 209/4.5-points
Anchor Steam ========= 153/3-points
Augsburger beer ====== 175/3.5-points
Beck's beer ========== 156/3-points
Black Horse beer ===== 158/3-points
Blackhook Porter beer= 162/3-points
Blatz beer =========== 136/3-points
Blue Moon ============ 171/3.5points
Bud Dry beer ========= 128/3-points
Bud Ice ============== 148/3-points
Budweiser beer ======= 146/3-points
Busch beer =========== 146/3-points
Bush Natural ========= 157/3-points
Carling Black Label beer= 135/3-points
Carlsberg beer ======= 148/3-points
Castlemaine XXXX Aussie Lager= 145/3-points
Colt 45 beer ========= 154/3-points
Coors beer =========== 142/3-points
Coors Banquet ======== 142/3-points
Coors Dry 120 beer === 119/2-points
Coors Extra Gold beer= 148/3-points
Corona =============== 148/3-points
Fat Tire ============= 162/3-points
Fosters Lager ======== 125/3-points
Guinness Draft beer == 190/4-points
Guinness, Draught ==== 126/3-points
Guinness, Extra ====== 176/4-points
Hamm's beer ========== 135/3-points
Heilemans Old Style beer= 150/3-points
Heineken beer ======== 160/3-points
Ice House ============ 132/3-points
Keystone Dry beer ==== 122/2-points
Knickerbocker beer === 142/3-points
King Cobra beer ====== 181/4-points
Lowenbrau Dark beer == 162/3-points
Lowenbrau Special beer 162/3-points
Meisterbrau beer ===== 140/3-points
Michelob Dark beer === 163/3-points
Michelob Dry beer ==== 133/3-points
Micky's Fine Malt ==== 157/3-points
Miller Regular beer == 152/3-points
Miller Genuine Draft beer= 148/3-points
Miller High Life beer= 148/3-points
Newcastle Brown Ale=== 150/3-points
Old Milwaukee Regular beer 148/3-points
Pilsner beer ========= 148/3-points
Rainier beer ========= 138/3-points
Red Bull Malt Liquor = 190/4-points
Rheingold beer ======= 146/3-points
Sam Adams Ale ======= 160/3-points
Sam Adams Lager ====== 160/3-points
Sam Adams Cherry Wheat 166/3-points
Sam Adams Stout ====== 195/4-points
Schaefer Malt Liquor = 160/3-points
Schlitz Light beer === 120/2-points
Schlitz Malt Liquor == 176/4-points
Schmidt's beer ======= 152/3-points
Stella Artois beer === 140/3-points
Stroh's beer========== 144/3-points
Tiger Head Ale ======= 164/3-points
Winterfest German beer 192/4-points
Zima beer ============ 153/3-points

Keg Beers:
solo cup - 10-oz ===== 2-points
solo cup - 12-oz ===== 3-points
solo cup - 16-oz ===== 4-points

Light Beers:
(12-oz) Calories/points
draft beer mugs are normally 16-oz

Amstel Light beer========= 93/2-points
Aspen Edge =============== 94/2-points
Beck's Light ============= 103/2-points
Becks Premium Light ====== 63/1-point
Blatz Light beer ========= 94/2-points
Bud Light beer =========== 110/2-points
Budweiser Select ========= 99/2-points
Busch Light beer ========= 112/2-points
Carlsberg Light beer ===== 112/2-points
Corona Light ============= 109/2-points
Coors Light beer ========= 105/2-points
Heidelberg Light beer ==== 114/2-points
Heineken Premium Light beer= 99/2-points
Keystone Light beer ====== 100/2-points
Michelob Light beer ====== 133/3-points
Michelob Ultra low carb=== 96/2-points
Miller 64 ================ 64/1-point
Miller Lite beer ========= 97/2-points
Miller Chill ============= 110/2-points
Milwaukee's Best Light beer 99/2-points
Molson Light beer ======== 109/2-points
Old Milwaukee Light beer = 119/2-points
Old Style Light beer ===== 114/2-points
Olympia Gold Light beer == 70/1-point
Pabst Light beer ========= 110/2-point
Pabst Extra Light ======== 72/1.5-points
Red White and Blue Light beer 120/2-points
Sam Adams Light ========== 124/2-points
Thin Ice ================= 90/2-points

Keg Beers, Lite
solo cup - 10-oz ===== 2-points
solo cup - 12-oz ===== 2.5-points
solo cup - 16-oz ===== 3-points

Abita Brew Co.
Turbo, 12-oz===== 172/3-points
Purple, 12-oz==== 145/3-points
Amercian Wheat,== 132/3-points
Abita Stout,===== 167/3-points

Alaskan Brew Co.
Amber,=========== 180/3.5-points
Pale,============ 155/3-points
Frontier,======== 180/3.5-points
Smoke Porter,==== 217/4-points
Stout,=========== 280/5.5-points

Baltimore Brewing Co,
Maerzen,========= 173/3-points
Pils,============ 170/3-points
Maibock,========= 207/4-points

Flying Fish Brewing
Porter,========== 182/3-points
ESB,============= 185/3-points
Extra Pale,====== 148/3-points

Frederick Brewing Co. Frederick, MD
Hempen Gold ========= 155/3-points
Hempen Ale ========== 183/4-points
Blue Ridge Amber Lager= 172/3.5-points
B.R. SunRage Sour Mash Ale== 187/4-points
B.R. ESB Red Ale ====== 158/3-points
B.R. Golden Ale ======= 159/3-points
B.R. Porter =========== 194/4-points
B.R. Steeple Stout ==== 222/4.5-points
B.R. Sublimator Dopplebock == 240/5-points
B.R. Wheat Beer ======= 131/3-points
B.R. Hopfest ========== 171/3.5-points
B.R. Snowball's Chance Winter Ale == 206/4-points

Heileman Brewery
Mickey's ============= 158/3-points
Old Style ============ 147/3-points
Special Export ======= 146/3-points
Special Export Light = 115/2-points
Lone Star Light ====== 113/2-points

High Falls Brewing Co. Rochester, NY
J.W. Dundee's Honey Brown Lager = 150/3-points
JWD Honey Light =============== 103/2-points
Genesee Cream Ale ========== 155/3-points
Michael Shea's Irish Amber = 145/3-points
Michael Shea's Black & Tan = 150/3-points
High Falls India Pale Ale == 170/3-points

F.X. Matt Brewery (Saranac) Utica, NY
Adirondack Amber ===== 173/3-points
Golden Pilsner ======= 158/3-points
Black & Tan ========== 183/4-points
Pale Ale ============= 180/4-points
Wild Berry Wheat ===== 141/3-points
Black Forest ========= 173/3-points
Stout ================ 189/4-points

New Belgium Brewery, Fort Collins, CO
Abbey Style Ale ====== 215/4-points
Fat Tire Amber Ale === 159/3-points
Old Cherry Ale ======= 159/3-points
Saison =============== 187/4-points
Trippel ============== 243/5-points

Pre-Mixed (12-oz) Calories/points

Bacardi Black Cherry,low carb 12-oz== 96/2.5-points
Bacardi Limon, 12-oz= 220/4.5-points
Bacardi Silver, 12-oz==4.5-poits
Bacardi Silver 03 12-oz==225/4-points
Barardi Silver, raz/grape/sour apple/orange=12-oz 225/5-pts
Barardi Limon 12-oz== 225/5-points
Bacardi Breezer, diet lemon,(275 mil bottle)= 96/2.5-points

Black Jack Hard Cola 12-oz==235/5-points
Doc Otis hard Lemonade, 12-oz==25-/5-points
Henry's Hard Lemonade, 12-oz==315/6.5-points
Mike's Hard Lemonade 11.2-oz= 240/5-points
Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade 11.2-oz = 220/5-points
Mike's Hard Lite Lemonade = 98/2-points

Sky Blue, 12-oz==235/5-points
Smirnoff Balc label, 12-oz=== 240/5-points
Smirnoff Ice, 12-oz== 240/5-points
Smirnoff Raw, (all flavors)== 230/4.5-points
Smirnoff Triple Black, 12-oz= 216/4-points
Smirnoff Twist, Citrus, 1-oz= 100/2-points
Smirnoff Twists, 1-oz*
*-Cranberry, 1-oz= 69/1-point
*-Greenapple, 1-oz= 69/1-point
*-Lemon, 1-oz= 69/1-points
*-Orange, 1-oz= 60/1-point
*-Vanilla 1-oz= 69/1-point
*-Watermelon, 1-oz =69/1-point
Smirnoff Twisted:*
*-Cranberry, 12-oz== 182/4-ponts
*-Greenapple,12-oz== 191/4-points
*-Mandarian Orange,12-oz== 182/4-points
*-Raspberry, 12-oz== 182/4-points
Smirnoff Twisted V:*
*-Raspberry 12-oz= 182/4-points

Thin Ice, 12-oz==90/2-points

Spirits & Liquor
(brand, oz ==calories/points

Amaretto (1.5-oz)=========== 118/2-points
Apricot Brandy (1 fl-oz) === 80/2-points
Bacardi Rum(2.5 fl oz) ======== 120/2-points
Bacardi Rum, Superior (1.5-oz) ==97/2.5-points
Bacardi Rum, Limon (1.5-oz) =====99/2.5-points
Bacardi Rum, 8 (1.5-oz) =======101/2.5-points
Bacardi Rum, 151 (1.5-oz) =====182/4-points
Barardi Rum, Anejo (1.5-oz) ===98/2.5-points
Barardi Rum, Gold (1.5-oz) ====97/2.5-points
Barardi Rum, Solera (1.5-oz)===93/2.5-points
Barardi Rum, O (1.5-oz) ======102/2.5-points
Barardi Rum, Coconut (1.5-oz)==100/.5-points
Barardi Rum, Vanilla (1.5-oz)==97/2.5-points
Bacardi Rum, Razz (1.5oz) ==== 108/2.5-points
Bacardi Island Breeze:
Key Lime, 1.5-oz = 51/1.5-point
Coconut, 1.5-oz = 68/1.5-point
Wild Berry, 1.5-oz = 48/1.5-point
Cosmopalitan, 1.5-oz = 63/1-point
Skinny Pina Colada, 1.5-oz = 68/1.5-points

Broubon, 84 proof 1 jigger = 69/1-point
Brandy, 100 proof 1 jigger = 125/3-points
Brandy, 94 proof 1 jigger == 115/2-points
Campari (1.5 fl-oz) ======== 120/2-points
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 2-oz=120/2-points
Captain Morgan Parrot Bay 1-oz=66/1.5-points
Cinzano Dry Vermouth (1-oz)= 32/1-point
Curacao (1.5 fl-oz) ======== 110/2-points
Drambuie (1.5 fl-oz) ======= 165/3-points
Dry Vermouth (6-oz)========= 195/4-points
Gin 100 proof 1 jigger ===== 125/3-points
Gin 94 proof 1 jigger ====== 115/2-points
Godiva White Chocolate Liquor 1.5-oz 180/4-points
Jagermeister (1-oz) ======== 113/2-points
Kahlua ===================== 135/3-points
Irish Cream ================ 117/3-points
Kirsch (1.5 fl-oz) ========= 125/3-points
Pernod (1.5 fl-oz) ========= 120/2-points
Rum 100 proof 1 jigger ===== 125/3-points
Rum 94 proof 1 jigger ====== 115/3-points
Rye Whiskey, 1 jigger ====== 69/1-points
Scotch Whiskey 1 jigger ==== 115/3-points
Sloe Gin (1.5 fl-oz) ======= 125/3-points
Southern Comfort (1.5 fl-oz)= 97/2-points
Tequila 1 jigger =========== 115/2-points
Vodka 100 proof 1 jigger === 125/3-points
Vodka 94 proof 1 jigger ==== 115/2-points
Vodka Blue UV, 1-oz ======== 60/1.5-points
Vodka Grey Goose, 1-oz ===== 60/1.5-points
Vodka, Skyy, all flavors 1-oz=60/1.5-points
Whisky 100 proof 1 jigger == 125/3-points
Whisky 94 proof 1 jigger === 115/2-points


Amaretto Sour (1.7-oz) === 170/3.5-points
Alexander (2.5 fl oz) ==== 180/4-points
B-52 (1-oz)=============== 92/2-points
Bahama Mama, (8-oz)======= 300/5.5-points
Bazookz, (2.3-oz)========= 175/4-points
Black Jack, (3.5-oz)====== 186/4-points
Black Russian (3 fl oz) == 250/5-points
Bloody Mary (5 fl oz) ==== 120/3-points
Bourbon & diet Soda (4 fl oz) = 105/2-points
Boxcar, (3.8 fl oz)======= 375/8-points
Buttery Nipple, 1.5-oz==== 130/3-points
Chocolate Martini, 6-oz == 438/8/-8.5 points
City Slicker, 3-oz ======= 193/4.5-points
Cosmo, 4-oz ============== 200/4.5-points
Cosmopolitan cocktail 2.5-oz= 170/3-points
Cotton Candy, 12-oz ====== 207/4.5-points
Daiquiri (2.7 fl oz) ===== 166/3-points
Frozen Melon Balls, 4.2-oz= 187/4-points
Fussy Navel (4 fl oz) ==== 120/2-points
Gin Rickey (7 fl oz) ===== 115/2-points
Gin & Tonic (7.5 fl oz) == 170/3-points
Gin & diet Tonic (7.5-oz)= 115/2.5-points
Godiva Chocolate Martini (6-oz)=438/9-points
Grasshopper (2.3 fl oz) == 208/4-points
Kahlua Mudslide ========== 440/9-points
Key Lime Martini 4-oz===== 167/3.5-points
High Ball (8 fl oz) ====== 165/3-points
Hummingbird, (5.5-oz)===== 374/7-points
Hurricane, (15-oz)======== 593/12-points
Irish Car Bomb, (12-oz) == 237/5-points
Jager Bomb (13-oz) ======= 219/4.5-points
Jell-0 Shots 1.5-oz ====== 90/2.5-points
Jolly Rancher, (3.4-oz)=== 184/4-points
Lemon Drop, (1-oz) ======= 35/1-points
Liquid Viagra (5-oz)====== 151/3-points
Long Island Ice Tea 12-oz- 789/16-points
Love Potion, (5-oz) ====== 279/6-points
Mai Tai (4.5 fl oz) ====== 310/6-points
Malibu Bay Breeze (5.5-oz)= 140/3-points
Manhattan (2.5 fl oz) ==== 130/3-points
Margarita (3 fl oz) ====== 170/3-points
Margarita 8-oz glass ===== 453/9-points
Margarita 12-oz glass ==== 680/11=points
Margarita frozen 12-oz === 739/15=points
Margarita, frozen strawberry 8-oz glass =424/9-points
Martini (2.5 fl oz) ====== 155/3-points
Martini Apple (3-oz) ===== 155/3.5-points
Martini Dirty (4.5-oz)==== 240/5-points
Martini Godiva Chocolate 6-oz= 438/8.7fat= 10-points
Martini Chocolate (2.5-oz)= 188/4-points
Martini Vodka, (2.5-oz)=== 127/3-points
Melon Ball, (7-oz) ======= 297/6-points
Midori Sour (6-oz)======== 219/4.5-points
Mint Julep (10 fl oz) ==== 215/5-points
Mojito (8-oz) glass ====== 214/4.5-points
Mudslide, (2-oz) ========= 202/6.4fat/5-points
Old Fashioned (4 fl oz) == 180/4-points
Pina Colada (6 fl oz) ==== 644/6-points
Purple Haze, (1-oz) ====== 103/2-points
Red White & Blue, (6-oz)== 296/6-points
Rusty Nail, (2-oz)======== 135/3-points
Rum and Coke (10-oz) ===== 356/7-points
Rum and diet Coke (10-oz)= 115/2.5-points
Scooby Snack, (3-oz) ===== 209/4.5-points
Screwdriver (7 fl oz) ==== 208/4-points
Sex on the beach (2.5-oz)== 143/3-points
Sex on the beach (4.2-oz)== 292/6-points
Sidecar, (2-oz) ========== 117/2.5-points
Singapore Sling (8 fl oz)= 230/5-points
Sloe Gin Fizz (8 fl oz) == 120/2-points
Strawberry Ice (4.5-oz) == 233/5-points
Tequila Sunrise (5.5 fl oz)=190/4-points
Tom Collins (7.5 fl oz) == 120/2-points
Virgin Mary (4.1-oz) ===== 22/.5-points (best point drink)
Washinton Apple shot, 1-oz= 53/1.5-points
Water Moccasin (3-oz) ==== 175/4-points
Whisky Sour (4 fl oz) ==== 170/3-points
White Russian (3.5 fl oz)= 270/5-points

servings (1.5-oz)=Calories/points

Anisette (3/4 fl oz) ==== 75/2-points
B & B (1 fl oz) ========= 95/2-points
Benedictine (3/4 fl oz)== 70/1-points
Brandy (fruit flavored)== 130/3-points
Brandy coffee =========== 132/3-points
Cherry Hering =========== 120/2-points
Creme de Almonde ======== 150/3-points
Creme de Banana ========= 145/3-points
Creme de Cacao ========== 150/3-points
Creme de Cassis ======== 120/2-points
Creme de Menthe ======== 185/4-points
Curacao (3/4 fl oz) ==== 55/1-point
Drambuie ============== 165/3-points
Frangeligo (1-oz) ===== 110/2-points
Gin Citrus ============ 115/2-points
Kirsch ================ 125/3-points
Maraschino ============ 110/2-points
Peppermint Schnapps === 125/3-points
Pernod/Ricard ========= 115/2-points
Sloe Gin ============== 125/3-points
Southern Comfort ====== 180/4-points
Tequila Rose (1-oz)==== 69/1.3-points
Tia Maria ============= 138/3-points
Vodka Citrus ========== 150/3-points

Note: most restaurants serve 6-oz of wine, and the points listed are for 4-oz. (weight watchers serving size)
(4 fl oz) Calories/points

Arbor Mist, All flavors 80/2-points
Arbor Mist, 4 pack,6.3 oz bottles= 126/3-points
Beaujolais ============ 95/2-points
Bordeaux, red ========= 95/2-points
Burgundy, red ========= 95/2-points
Burgundy, white ==== 90/2-points
Cabernet Sauvignon = 90/2-points
Chablis ============ 85/2-points
Champagne, dry ===== 105/2-points
Champagne, pink ==== 100/2-points
Champagne, 1 bottle= 531/10.5-points
Chardonnay ========= 90/2-points
Chianti ============ 100/2-points
Fre, 8-oz ========== 60/1.5-points
Liebfraumilch ====== 85/2-points
Madeira ============ 160/3-points
Marsala ============ 80/2-points
Merlot ============= 95/2-points
Mosell ============= 100/2-points
Muscatel =========== 160/3-points
Plum Wine ========== 80/2-points
Port, ruby ========= 190/4-points
Port, white ======== 170/3-points
Reisling =========== 90/2-points
Rhone ============== 95/2-points
Rose =============== 95/2-point
Sangria ============ 115/2-points
Sauterne =========== 115/2-points
Sauvignon Blanc ==== 80/2-points
Sherry ============= 140/3-points
Soke 1/2 cup ======= 99/3-points
Sotter Home ======== 80/2=points
Tokay ============== 165/3-points
Zinfandel, red ===== 90/2-points
Zinfandel, white === 80/2-points

Red or White Wine, 1 bottle (750 ml) = 506.8/10-points
Red or White Wine, 1 mini bottle (187 ml)= 131/3-points
Chaianti Wine, 1 bottle (750 ml) - 634/13-points
Maderia Wine, 1 bottle (750 ml) - 1014.4/20-points
Port Ruby, 1 bottle (750 ml) - 1172.9/23-points
Port White, 1 bottle (750 ml)- 1065.12/21 points
Sangra Wine, 1 bottle (750 ml) - 729/15-points
Tokay Wine, 1 bottle (750 ml) - 1046.1/21-points

Wine Coolers:

Bacardi Breezer, Twist== 100/2-points
Bartles & Jaynes:*
*-Berry, Kiwi strawberry,=== 230/5-points
*-Fuzzy Naval ====274/5-points
*-Original,=== 210/4-points
*-Strawberry Daiquiri=== 230/5-points
Fram Wine,=== 150/3-points
Sangra,=== 190/4-points
Snow Creek Berry, ===150/3-points
Strawberry Hill,=== 190/4-points
Sun Peach, ===150/3-points
Ernest & Julio Gallo 4-oz (ALL) ===2-points
Seagrams Coolers, All 12-oz ===150/3-points

Wine Spritzer

One 3.5oz glass of wine contains about 80/=2pts
One 5oz glass of wine contains about 100/=2pts
One 5oz glass of light wine contains about 80/=2pt
One 12oz wine spritzer contains about 120/=2pts
A wine spritzer with 2oz of wine and 6oz of selzter =2pts contains about 40 calories,=1pt
A white wine spritzer with 4 oz. white wine topped with club soda) - 80 calories,= 2pts

Is My Ass Too Big & Other Stupid ?'s

Well thats a question I just dont ask................One time as I was in the dressing room of a local store getting to try on jeans, I freaked and called a gf and asked her if she knew my ass was big, uh ya she stated laughung everyone does that walks behind you lol...

Anymore stupid questions?
Post in comments.


Well it has been too stinking long. And I have failed miserably. Well time to get back on the horse. I seem to be at a stand still. I got really discouraged when I was told the surgery would cost me 17,000 dollars and shoot Id rather spend that on a vacation or pay bills. But I have spent half my life overweight and limiting the fun I have. I hate going to the beach and I used to spend summers there. aLL i CAN SAY IS &*y&^%^%%$ HA JUST IN CASE CHILDREN READ THIS.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Diet Calculator....check it out

Check it out, see just how much body mass you have, I did I dare ya.


Friday, April 25, 2008


I dont know what is wrong but I feel so out of it lately.....We lost our secretary and book keeer for our businesses and I have been doing it....having to redo all filing and crap so that takes up alot of my day...so when I get home I just feel drained. poor family....I have managed to do laundry and straighten up but Im not at the top of my game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!grrrr lol.

Went to see a physician about one of those weight loss surgeries....nice guy....old guy lol but he is associated with overland parks trauma team meaning that is what he does when he is not servicing fat chicks lol....omg the secretary there had a blast with my daughter and I...my girl gets her humor from her mamma but o does she have a potty mouth...I slipped up a few times cause it was contagious lol....

Monday, April 21, 2008

Some Funnies

Lol I toltally did something like this but I am not sure if I blogged about it. After a year of remodeling my house the treadmill was locked away lol....well my first step in my getting back into shape quest was to get the darn thing out, then i upgraded my workout by dusting the thing, then I increased my workout by buying a reading rack for it....whoo hooo!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sexy Fatties..............

Well that is enough sexiness for the day.....

And no I dont think fat is sexy.....thick can be and i think a persons personality can overcome some weight but then there is just omg fat!...

They See Me Rolling.......

I saw this pic and realized I havent blogged in awhile....lol

The diet and excercise thing has been at a stand still. Alot of hindrances and changes have happened around here. We have our own business and we lost our secretary. She went back home to be with her family. So that means I have to be back in the office pretty much full time. I am not crazy about that idea but well it pays the bills. I told her she could rearrange the office and files her way so it would be easier for her but now I have to redo everything....I am putting them back in alphabetical order lol...

I am discouraged with my getting back in shape quest I have even checked into one of those weight loss surgeries cause I am at my wits end....ready to do something drastic.....

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fatties Beware

Fatties Beware Grrrr well last few days havent been so good. I have been a diet failure for last few days. I dont know if it is hormonal or what....But I bought some more healthy food and gonna get my butt back on the old treadmill....god I hate that thing.... But I got a great workout yesterday I planted a magnolia tree and 48 plants that I bought from an online nursery. I needed to plant some more today but I had to babysit the son because his gf came over...No heavy necking while Im here I hope lol.... One must have a cherry heart..............if you cant laugh at yourself who can you laugh at......

Monday, March 31, 2008

Misc. Rantings

Well just started this thing so dont expect much from me today.....