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Calories in Alcohol and Wine Coolers Yikes


Beer - Basic Types:
(12-oz) Calories/points

Beer, non alcoholic == 72/1-point
Beer, light ========== 105/2-points
Beer, regular ======== 145/3-points
Beer, strong ========= 180/4-points
Beer, lager ========== 120/2-points
Beer, Stout ========== 190/4-points

Name Brand Beers:
(12-oz) Calories/points
draft beer mugs are normally 16-oz

Anchor Porter ======== 209/4.5-points
Anchor Steam ========= 153/3-points
Augsburger beer ====== 175/3.5-points
Beck's beer ========== 156/3-points
Black Horse beer ===== 158/3-points
Blackhook Porter beer= 162/3-points
Blatz beer =========== 136/3-points
Blue Moon ============ 171/3.5points
Bud Dry beer ========= 128/3-points
Bud Ice ============== 148/3-points
Budweiser beer ======= 146/3-points
Busch beer =========== 146/3-points
Bush Natural ========= 157/3-points
Carling Black Label beer= 135/3-points
Carlsberg beer ======= 148/3-points
Castlemaine XXXX Aussie Lager= 145/3-points
Colt 45 beer ========= 154/3-points
Coors beer =========== 142/3-points
Coors Banquet ======== 142/3-points
Coors Dry 120 beer === 119/2-points
Coors Extra Gold beer= 148/3-points
Corona =============== 148/3-points
Fat Tire ============= 162/3-points
Fosters Lager ======== 125/3-points
Guinness Draft beer == 190/4-points
Guinness, Draught ==== 126/3-points
Guinness, Extra ====== 176/4-points
Hamm's beer ========== 135/3-points
Heilemans Old Style beer= 150/3-points
Heineken beer ======== 160/3-points
Ice House ============ 132/3-points
Keystone Dry beer ==== 122/2-points
Knickerbocker beer === 142/3-points
King Cobra beer ====== 181/4-points
Lowenbrau Dark beer == 162/3-points
Lowenbrau Special beer 162/3-points
Meisterbrau beer ===== 140/3-points
Michelob Dark beer === 163/3-points
Michelob Dry beer ==== 133/3-points
Micky's Fine Malt ==== 157/3-points
Miller Regular beer == 152/3-points
Miller Genuine Draft beer= 148/3-points
Miller High Life beer= 148/3-points
Newcastle Brown Ale=== 150/3-points
Old Milwaukee Regular beer 148/3-points
Pilsner beer ========= 148/3-points
Rainier beer ========= 138/3-points
Red Bull Malt Liquor = 190/4-points
Rheingold beer ======= 146/3-points
Sam Adams Ale ======= 160/3-points
Sam Adams Lager ====== 160/3-points
Sam Adams Cherry Wheat 166/3-points
Sam Adams Stout ====== 195/4-points
Schaefer Malt Liquor = 160/3-points
Schlitz Light beer === 120/2-points
Schlitz Malt Liquor == 176/4-points
Schmidt's beer ======= 152/3-points
Stella Artois beer === 140/3-points
Stroh's beer========== 144/3-points
Tiger Head Ale ======= 164/3-points
Winterfest German beer 192/4-points
Zima beer ============ 153/3-points

Keg Beers:
solo cup - 10-oz ===== 2-points
solo cup - 12-oz ===== 3-points
solo cup - 16-oz ===== 4-points

Light Beers:
(12-oz) Calories/points
draft beer mugs are normally 16-oz

Amstel Light beer========= 93/2-points
Aspen Edge =============== 94/2-points
Beck's Light ============= 103/2-points
Becks Premium Light ====== 63/1-point
Blatz Light beer ========= 94/2-points
Bud Light beer =========== 110/2-points
Budweiser Select ========= 99/2-points
Busch Light beer ========= 112/2-points
Carlsberg Light beer ===== 112/2-points
Corona Light ============= 109/2-points
Coors Light beer ========= 105/2-points
Heidelberg Light beer ==== 114/2-points
Heineken Premium Light beer= 99/2-points
Keystone Light beer ====== 100/2-points
Michelob Light beer ====== 133/3-points
Michelob Ultra low carb=== 96/2-points
Miller 64 ================ 64/1-point
Miller Lite beer ========= 97/2-points
Miller Chill ============= 110/2-points
Milwaukee's Best Light beer 99/2-points
Molson Light beer ======== 109/2-points
Old Milwaukee Light beer = 119/2-points
Old Style Light beer ===== 114/2-points
Olympia Gold Light beer == 70/1-point
Pabst Light beer ========= 110/2-point
Pabst Extra Light ======== 72/1.5-points
Red White and Blue Light beer 120/2-points
Sam Adams Light ========== 124/2-points
Thin Ice ================= 90/2-points

Keg Beers, Lite
solo cup - 10-oz ===== 2-points
solo cup - 12-oz ===== 2.5-points
solo cup - 16-oz ===== 3-points

Abita Brew Co.
Turbo, 12-oz===== 172/3-points
Purple, 12-oz==== 145/3-points
Amercian Wheat,== 132/3-points
Abita Stout,===== 167/3-points

Alaskan Brew Co.
Amber,=========== 180/3.5-points
Pale,============ 155/3-points
Frontier,======== 180/3.5-points
Smoke Porter,==== 217/4-points
Stout,=========== 280/5.5-points

Baltimore Brewing Co,
Maerzen,========= 173/3-points
Pils,============ 170/3-points
Maibock,========= 207/4-points

Flying Fish Brewing
Porter,========== 182/3-points
ESB,============= 185/3-points
Extra Pale,====== 148/3-points

Frederick Brewing Co. Frederick, MD
Hempen Gold ========= 155/3-points
Hempen Ale ========== 183/4-points
Blue Ridge Amber Lager= 172/3.5-points
B.R. SunRage Sour Mash Ale== 187/4-points
B.R. ESB Red Ale ====== 158/3-points
B.R. Golden Ale ======= 159/3-points
B.R. Porter =========== 194/4-points
B.R. Steeple Stout ==== 222/4.5-points
B.R. Sublimator Dopplebock == 240/5-points
B.R. Wheat Beer ======= 131/3-points
B.R. Hopfest ========== 171/3.5-points
B.R. Snowball's Chance Winter Ale == 206/4-points

Heileman Brewery
Mickey's ============= 158/3-points
Old Style ============ 147/3-points
Special Export ======= 146/3-points
Special Export Light = 115/2-points
Lone Star Light ====== 113/2-points

High Falls Brewing Co. Rochester, NY
J.W. Dundee's Honey Brown Lager = 150/3-points
JWD Honey Light =============== 103/2-points
Genesee Cream Ale ========== 155/3-points
Michael Shea's Irish Amber = 145/3-points
Michael Shea's Black & Tan = 150/3-points
High Falls India Pale Ale == 170/3-points

F.X. Matt Brewery (Saranac) Utica, NY
Adirondack Amber ===== 173/3-points
Golden Pilsner ======= 158/3-points
Black & Tan ========== 183/4-points
Pale Ale ============= 180/4-points
Wild Berry Wheat ===== 141/3-points
Black Forest ========= 173/3-points
Stout ================ 189/4-points

New Belgium Brewery, Fort Collins, CO
Abbey Style Ale ====== 215/4-points
Fat Tire Amber Ale === 159/3-points
Old Cherry Ale ======= 159/3-points
Saison =============== 187/4-points
Trippel ============== 243/5-points

Pre-Mixed (12-oz) Calories/points

Bacardi Black Cherry,low carb 12-oz== 96/2.5-points
Bacardi Limon, 12-oz= 220/4.5-points
Bacardi Silver, 12-oz==4.5-poits
Bacardi Silver 03 12-oz==225/4-points
Barardi Silver, raz/grape/sour apple/orange=12-oz 225/5-pts
Barardi Limon 12-oz== 225/5-points
Bacardi Breezer, diet lemon,(275 mil bottle)= 96/2.5-points

Black Jack Hard Cola 12-oz==235/5-points
Doc Otis hard Lemonade, 12-oz==25-/5-points
Henry's Hard Lemonade, 12-oz==315/6.5-points
Mike's Hard Lemonade 11.2-oz= 240/5-points
Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade 11.2-oz = 220/5-points
Mike's Hard Lite Lemonade = 98/2-points

Sky Blue, 12-oz==235/5-points
Smirnoff Balc label, 12-oz=== 240/5-points
Smirnoff Ice, 12-oz== 240/5-points
Smirnoff Raw, (all flavors)== 230/4.5-points
Smirnoff Triple Black, 12-oz= 216/4-points
Smirnoff Twist, Citrus, 1-oz= 100/2-points
Smirnoff Twists, 1-oz*
*-Cranberry, 1-oz= 69/1-point
*-Greenapple, 1-oz= 69/1-point
*-Lemon, 1-oz= 69/1-points
*-Orange, 1-oz= 60/1-point
*-Vanilla 1-oz= 69/1-point
*-Watermelon, 1-oz =69/1-point
Smirnoff Twisted:*
*-Cranberry, 12-oz== 182/4-ponts
*-Greenapple,12-oz== 191/4-points
*-Mandarian Orange,12-oz== 182/4-points
*-Raspberry, 12-oz== 182/4-points
Smirnoff Twisted V:*
*-Raspberry 12-oz= 182/4-points

Thin Ice, 12-oz==90/2-points

Spirits & Liquor
(brand, oz ==calories/points

Amaretto (1.5-oz)=========== 118/2-points
Apricot Brandy (1 fl-oz) === 80/2-points
Bacardi Rum(2.5 fl oz) ======== 120/2-points
Bacardi Rum, Superior (1.5-oz) ==97/2.5-points
Bacardi Rum, Limon (1.5-oz) =====99/2.5-points
Bacardi Rum, 8 (1.5-oz) =======101/2.5-points
Bacardi Rum, 151 (1.5-oz) =====182/4-points
Barardi Rum, Anejo (1.5-oz) ===98/2.5-points
Barardi Rum, Gold (1.5-oz) ====97/2.5-points
Barardi Rum, Solera (1.5-oz)===93/2.5-points
Barardi Rum, O (1.5-oz) ======102/2.5-points
Barardi Rum, Coconut (1.5-oz)==100/.5-points
Barardi Rum, Vanilla (1.5-oz)==97/2.5-points
Bacardi Rum, Razz (1.5oz) ==== 108/2.5-points
Bacardi Island Breeze:
Key Lime, 1.5-oz = 51/1.5-point
Coconut, 1.5-oz = 68/1.5-point
Wild Berry, 1.5-oz = 48/1.5-point
Cosmopalitan, 1.5-oz = 63/1-point
Skinny Pina Colada, 1.5-oz = 68/1.5-points

Broubon, 84 proof 1 jigger = 69/1-point
Brandy, 100 proof 1 jigger = 125/3-points
Brandy, 94 proof 1 jigger == 115/2-points
Campari (1.5 fl-oz) ======== 120/2-points
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 2-oz=120/2-points
Captain Morgan Parrot Bay 1-oz=66/1.5-points
Cinzano Dry Vermouth (1-oz)= 32/1-point
Curacao (1.5 fl-oz) ======== 110/2-points
Drambuie (1.5 fl-oz) ======= 165/3-points
Dry Vermouth (6-oz)========= 195/4-points
Gin 100 proof 1 jigger ===== 125/3-points
Gin 94 proof 1 jigger ====== 115/2-points
Godiva White Chocolate Liquor 1.5-oz 180/4-points
Jagermeister (1-oz) ======== 113/2-points
Kahlua ===================== 135/3-points
Irish Cream ================ 117/3-points
Kirsch (1.5 fl-oz) ========= 125/3-points
Pernod (1.5 fl-oz) ========= 120/2-points
Rum 100 proof 1 jigger ===== 125/3-points
Rum 94 proof 1 jigger ====== 115/3-points
Rye Whiskey, 1 jigger ====== 69/1-points
Scotch Whiskey 1 jigger ==== 115/3-points
Sloe Gin (1.5 fl-oz) ======= 125/3-points
Southern Comfort (1.5 fl-oz)= 97/2-points
Tequila 1 jigger =========== 115/2-points
Vodka 100 proof 1 jigger === 125/3-points
Vodka 94 proof 1 jigger ==== 115/2-points
Vodka Blue UV, 1-oz ======== 60/1.5-points
Vodka Grey Goose, 1-oz ===== 60/1.5-points
Vodka, Skyy, all flavors 1-oz=60/1.5-points
Whisky 100 proof 1 jigger == 125/3-points
Whisky 94 proof 1 jigger === 115/2-points


Amaretto Sour (1.7-oz) === 170/3.5-points
Alexander (2.5 fl oz) ==== 180/4-points
B-52 (1-oz)=============== 92/2-points
Bahama Mama, (8-oz)======= 300/5.5-points
Bazookz, (2.3-oz)========= 175/4-points
Black Jack, (3.5-oz)====== 186/4-points
Black Russian (3 fl oz) == 250/5-points
Bloody Mary (5 fl oz) ==== 120/3-points
Bourbon & diet Soda (4 fl oz) = 105/2-points
Boxcar, (3.8 fl oz)======= 375/8-points
Buttery Nipple, 1.5-oz==== 130/3-points
Chocolate Martini, 6-oz == 438/8/-8.5 points
City Slicker, 3-oz ======= 193/4.5-points
Cosmo, 4-oz ============== 200/4.5-points
Cosmopolitan cocktail 2.5-oz= 170/3-points
Cotton Candy, 12-oz ====== 207/4.5-points
Daiquiri (2.7 fl oz) ===== 166/3-points
Frozen Melon Balls, 4.2-oz= 187/4-points
Fussy Navel (4 fl oz) ==== 120/2-points
Gin Rickey (7 fl oz) ===== 115/2-points
Gin & Tonic (7.5 fl oz) == 170/3-points
Gin & diet Tonic (7.5-oz)= 115/2.5-points
Godiva Chocolate Martini (6-oz)=438/9-points
Grasshopper (2.3 fl oz) == 208/4-points
Kahlua Mudslide ========== 440/9-points
Key Lime Martini 4-oz===== 167/3.5-points
High Ball (8 fl oz) ====== 165/3-points
Hummingbird, (5.5-oz)===== 374/7-points
Hurricane, (15-oz)======== 593/12-points
Irish Car Bomb, (12-oz) == 237/5-points
Jager Bomb (13-oz) ======= 219/4.5-points
Jell-0 Shots 1.5-oz ====== 90/2.5-points
Jolly Rancher, (3.4-oz)=== 184/4-points
Lemon Drop, (1-oz) ======= 35/1-points
Liquid Viagra (5-oz)====== 151/3-points
Long Island Ice Tea 12-oz- 789/16-points
Love Potion, (5-oz) ====== 279/6-points
Mai Tai (4.5 fl oz) ====== 310/6-points
Malibu Bay Breeze (5.5-oz)= 140/3-points
Manhattan (2.5 fl oz) ==== 130/3-points
Margarita (3 fl oz) ====== 170/3-points
Margarita 8-oz glass ===== 453/9-points
Margarita 12-oz glass ==== 680/11=points
Margarita frozen 12-oz === 739/15=points
Margarita, frozen strawberry 8-oz glass =424/9-points
Martini (2.5 fl oz) ====== 155/3-points
Martini Apple (3-oz) ===== 155/3.5-points
Martini Dirty (4.5-oz)==== 240/5-points
Martini Godiva Chocolate 6-oz= 438/8.7fat= 10-points
Martini Chocolate (2.5-oz)= 188/4-points
Martini Vodka, (2.5-oz)=== 127/3-points
Melon Ball, (7-oz) ======= 297/6-points
Midori Sour (6-oz)======== 219/4.5-points
Mint Julep (10 fl oz) ==== 215/5-points
Mojito (8-oz) glass ====== 214/4.5-points
Mudslide, (2-oz) ========= 202/6.4fat/5-points
Old Fashioned (4 fl oz) == 180/4-points
Pina Colada (6 fl oz) ==== 644/6-points
Purple Haze, (1-oz) ====== 103/2-points
Red White & Blue, (6-oz)== 296/6-points
Rusty Nail, (2-oz)======== 135/3-points
Rum and Coke (10-oz) ===== 356/7-points
Rum and diet Coke (10-oz)= 115/2.5-points
Scooby Snack, (3-oz) ===== 209/4.5-points
Screwdriver (7 fl oz) ==== 208/4-points
Sex on the beach (2.5-oz)== 143/3-points
Sex on the beach (4.2-oz)== 292/6-points
Sidecar, (2-oz) ========== 117/2.5-points
Singapore Sling (8 fl oz)= 230/5-points
Sloe Gin Fizz (8 fl oz) == 120/2-points
Strawberry Ice (4.5-oz) == 233/5-points
Tequila Sunrise (5.5 fl oz)=190/4-points
Tom Collins (7.5 fl oz) == 120/2-points
Virgin Mary (4.1-oz) ===== 22/.5-points (best point drink)
Washinton Apple shot, 1-oz= 53/1.5-points
Water Moccasin (3-oz) ==== 175/4-points
Whisky Sour (4 fl oz) ==== 170/3-points
White Russian (3.5 fl oz)= 270/5-points

servings (1.5-oz)=Calories/points

Anisette (3/4 fl oz) ==== 75/2-points
B & B (1 fl oz) ========= 95/2-points
Benedictine (3/4 fl oz)== 70/1-points
Brandy (fruit flavored)== 130/3-points
Brandy coffee =========== 132/3-points
Cherry Hering =========== 120/2-points
Creme de Almonde ======== 150/3-points
Creme de Banana ========= 145/3-points
Creme de Cacao ========== 150/3-points
Creme de Cassis ======== 120/2-points
Creme de Menthe ======== 185/4-points
Curacao (3/4 fl oz) ==== 55/1-point
Drambuie ============== 165/3-points
Frangeligo (1-oz) ===== 110/2-points
Gin Citrus ============ 115/2-points
Kirsch ================ 125/3-points
Maraschino ============ 110/2-points
Peppermint Schnapps === 125/3-points
Pernod/Ricard ========= 115/2-points
Sloe Gin ============== 125/3-points
Southern Comfort ====== 180/4-points
Tequila Rose (1-oz)==== 69/1.3-points
Tia Maria ============= 138/3-points
Vodka Citrus ========== 150/3-points

Note: most restaurants serve 6-oz of wine, and the points listed are for 4-oz. (weight watchers serving size)
(4 fl oz) Calories/points

Arbor Mist, All flavors 80/2-points
Arbor Mist, 4 pack,6.3 oz bottles= 126/3-points
Beaujolais ============ 95/2-points
Bordeaux, red ========= 95/2-points
Burgundy, red ========= 95/2-points
Burgundy, white ==== 90/2-points
Cabernet Sauvignon = 90/2-points
Chablis ============ 85/2-points
Champagne, dry ===== 105/2-points
Champagne, pink ==== 100/2-points
Champagne, 1 bottle= 531/10.5-points
Chardonnay ========= 90/2-points
Chianti ============ 100/2-points
Fre, 8-oz ========== 60/1.5-points
Liebfraumilch ====== 85/2-points
Madeira ============ 160/3-points
Marsala ============ 80/2-points
Merlot ============= 95/2-points
Mosell ============= 100/2-points
Muscatel =========== 160/3-points
Plum Wine ========== 80/2-points
Port, ruby ========= 190/4-points
Port, white ======== 170/3-points
Reisling =========== 90/2-points
Rhone ============== 95/2-points
Rose =============== 95/2-point
Sangria ============ 115/2-points
Sauterne =========== 115/2-points
Sauvignon Blanc ==== 80/2-points
Sherry ============= 140/3-points
Soke 1/2 cup ======= 99/3-points
Sotter Home ======== 80/2=points
Tokay ============== 165/3-points
Zinfandel, red ===== 90/2-points
Zinfandel, white === 80/2-points

Red or White Wine, 1 bottle (750 ml) = 506.8/10-points
Red or White Wine, 1 mini bottle (187 ml)= 131/3-points
Chaianti Wine, 1 bottle (750 ml) - 634/13-points
Maderia Wine, 1 bottle (750 ml) - 1014.4/20-points
Port Ruby, 1 bottle (750 ml) - 1172.9/23-points
Port White, 1 bottle (750 ml)- 1065.12/21 points
Sangra Wine, 1 bottle (750 ml) - 729/15-points
Tokay Wine, 1 bottle (750 ml) - 1046.1/21-points

Wine Coolers:

Bacardi Breezer, Twist== 100/2-points
Bartles & Jaynes:*
*-Berry, Kiwi strawberry,=== 230/5-points
*-Fuzzy Naval ====274/5-points
*-Original,=== 210/4-points
*-Strawberry Daiquiri=== 230/5-points
Fram Wine,=== 150/3-points
Sangra,=== 190/4-points
Snow Creek Berry, ===150/3-points
Strawberry Hill,=== 190/4-points
Sun Peach, ===150/3-points
Ernest & Julio Gallo 4-oz (ALL) ===2-points
Seagrams Coolers, All 12-oz ===150/3-points

Wine Spritzer

One 3.5oz glass of wine contains about 80/=2pts
One 5oz glass of wine contains about 100/=2pts
One 5oz glass of light wine contains about 80/=2pt
One 12oz wine spritzer contains about 120/=2pts
A wine spritzer with 2oz of wine and 6oz of selzter =2pts contains about 40 calories,=1pt
A white wine spritzer with 4 oz. white wine topped with club soda) - 80 calories,= 2pts

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