Sunday, March 7, 2010

Things I Learned While Riding my Bike

1. I am not very coordinated. I can trip over my own feet and fall out of a boat into the lake lol

2. I am out of shape way more than I thought.

Yesterday was just down right beautiful. Finally got up to 60 degrees. So earlier in the day we went to the big town to get the kids passport pictures. And I bought my helmet for the bike. My son said if I tried it on in the store he was leaving Ha I tried it on.

So after returning home. I cleaned out the flower beds, tilled the vegetable garden and raked out the clumps of debris and then decided to ride the bike. Well needless to say I wont be ready for the road for awhile. I will just ride it up and down my driveway which around my property is a half a mile. So 2 rounds on that and I was wiped out. But the upside is I am more active than usual.

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lavenderdiva said...

Sounds like you were VERY active yesterday Mary! Doing all that yardwork AND a bikeride? Whew! I'm tired just reading about it-