Sunday, April 4, 2010

Here We Go Again

Tomorrow is first day of R3 VLCD. Biting NAILS. Planned on doing load days this weekend as we were going away for the weekend to celebrate our 20th anniversary as well as his 50th birthday. But went and forgot to pack the shots. O well I thoroughly plumped up the fat cells anyway. So far and the day isn't over and I gained 3.5 pounds. Ouch. Had to be the potatoes and ice cream and chocolate covered cherries mmmmmmmmmm I will pay for it this week. Not worried though. Did the measurements and it seems a few things have shifted once again. Not to mention almost 3 inches gained. It will be gone by the end of the week. Only problem is TOM should show up any day but Im not going to let that get in the way. Im ready to lose another twenty. I have hardly any clothes to wear but happy to report I can wear an 18. Thats a biggy for me. Haven't seen that for over 10 years. The weather is getting warmer and it isnt bothering me. Another blessing about losing weight. trying not to spend any money on clothes right now. I will shop before our vacation in June. By then I should be in a 16 and my daughter said she has some crops and stuff for me that she cant wear anymore. But what a bummer I will have to buy a few nice things :) Wish me luck on losing. I have been absent but doing well on maintenance. Actually was down a half a pound of my LIW before the binge.

Here goes everything. :P

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