Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Direction

I know it has been a really long time. So many stress factors in my life up unitl this point. Recently my grandson came to live with me. He is 14 and I thought I was done with raising children when my son went to college :) Due to circumstances out of his control he is now living with me. So another life change. I am glad he is here. he is flourishing leaps and bounds. But the stress surrounding his coming here has totally gotten me off track. It sounds like an excuse but I always put myself last.
Needless to say I have gained 45 pounds back that I lost. So failure once again.

I have decided through my doctors counsel also to forgo using HCG.
I am scheduled to have lap band surgery on May the 11th.
Yeah big directional switch.

This blog will have that direction from now on.
Thank you to all the lovely women out there who supported me during HCG.


Caitlin said...

Hi! So good to hear from you! And, it is so nice you have been able to help out your grandson. That is wonderful!

I am glad you have made a decision and are proceeding with it. You will do great and I can't wait to hear about this new weight loss journey for you! We all have choose the best route for ourselves. And I will still be following. :) Take care of yourself!

Miss Mary said...

Caitlin thank you. You are a very inspirational woman.