Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Officially Banded

Had a rough night before heading to the city to check in for surgery. I havent had a dream of my deceased grandmother in years. She was a RN and a DON who I respect she told me in the dream that she didnt think it was a good idea. Just great. I aldready had fears of not waking up. I do have an over active imagination. Thank goodness it was just my mind playing tricks on me as I went to bed nervouse and apprehensive about surgery.
As you can see I woke up lol.
Had some concerns cause anesthisia makes me vomit but they loaded me up with medicine not to vomit.
I am so sore. I am amazed at how much I used my stomach muscles to do every day movements like getting up from a reclining position or getting up from a seated position.
I guess work through the pain.
Theres a little bleeding from the incision sites(5) but they said that was normal.
Not interested in eating.
Too much trauma to want to. So far had one serving jello and one cup clear broth and some apple juice.
Go home tomorrow. Cant wait.

Check out this huge potty. Never seen one that big before


Caitlin said...

So glad you are doing well and that sense of humor of yours is still intact. lol! That is one big potty.:) Thinking of you!

Bunpoh said...

Hoping you quick healing and a fast end to your pain, Miss Mary! Take good care, and good luck!