Friday, April 9, 2010

Half Way There

last night went to my son's ballgame. I thought I had totally blown it cause it was 40 degrees out and windy and I was so cold. So what I do I had me a cup of hot cocoa. I thought surely I had blown it. But I didnt eat dinner that night so I woke up to a 1.8 loss and reached my 50 pound loss mark! So now Im at 50.8 pounds gone forever.Im very very happy. Started Monday with injections and its friday now. And I have lost t he 5 pounds of loading weight and an additional 6 new pounds lost. Not too bad considering that stupid TOM showed his face. I hope this continues but if not my goal is 25 this round. That wont bring me under 200 but very close. Then after our vacation in June I can do another. Im very excited to think that by the time summer is over I could be another 45 pounds lighter if not more. I so want to be a healthy weight. Along with the health the cuter clothes and cheaper lol.
Good luck all my fellow losers.

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