Saturday, September 17, 2011

Diet or Lifestyle?

Question I saw on Profwlsworks youtube, Are you on a diet or is is this a lifestyle?

I can honestly say right now it has been a diet. I NEED to make this a lifestyle.
What does that require? A definite conscious mind change.

Positive things Im doing. One is to find something positive about myself everyday. Trying to focus on eating quality foods. Only trying to eat when Im hungry. But not get to the point where Im so hungry that I reach for something quick and inevitably bad for me. I have increased my workouts. Out of 7 days I have really busted my a$$ for three with aerobics( yes needs to be 5 but life gets in the way). Wearing my Kutting Weight Sweat Suit. OMG makes you really sweat. I also purchased Bali Thigh Slimmer Belts. I have been using them on my fat arms. Mind you I never sweat on my arms. These babies make my arms sweat. I bought them from Amazon.

The Band: I can feel myself being able to eat more than I should, not staying satisfied for as long as I should. Some days I am truly hungry one hour after eating. Not good. Defeats the purpose of the band giving satiety. So scheduled a visit for a fill. Haven't had one in two months and do believe I need one. I dread it also at the same time. As I have difficulty with every fill.

Fighting the comparing my own progress with the progress of others.
I find myself initially rejoicing at others accomplishments but then inwardly resenting and turning it against myself.
Im human. I know others feel the same way but we are all individuals and depending on our age, lifestyle, gene pool all that crap does help determine what and how we respond to the lap band. Yes its a tool and I have to learn how to use it for me.

Lifestyle Reminders

1. Eat 5 times per day. 3 meals 2 snacks

2. Eat only at planned meal times; no grazing.

3. Eat only good quality foods; protein first

4. Eat slowly; chew 20-30 minutes per meal.

5. Keep portion sizes small; 1 cup maximum.

6. Stop eating when you are no longer hungry.

7. No beverages while eating.

8. Drink 64 FO fluids/day ( no cal) in between meals.

9. At least 30 min/day of physical activity.

10. Take multi-vitamin/mineral supplements daily

(copied this from a fellow lapbander)


Andrea said...

Great post! I really have to look at this as a lifestyle, but I keep forgetting. Sometimes it's hard to think about having to eat/exercise like this the rest of my life, but I'm working on changing my mindset.

Ronnie said...

Definitely does sound like you need a fill - good luck with it. :)

Darlin1 said...

I agree sounds like you need a fill. Thanks for visiting my blog!