Tuesday, September 27, 2011


On Monday the 19th I had a fill which brought me up to 6 cc. It has been over a week and I still am not able to eat solid foods at every meal. I am happy to report I have a good sense of restriction. That is so nice. What I dont like is all the noise I am making even over liquids. We have a home group once a month and I had to come out of the closet about WLS. I was making so much racket I had to tell. I had to admit that it was the one thing I could not control and it surprised everyone that I was worried about what people would think cause everyone knows I have a "I dont give a crap attitude" about what people say about me. I confessed it was embarrassing cause I am such a control freak and it embarrassed me that this was one thing I let control me.

My nutritionist is on a HCG kick and suggested I go on it for a month. She said I could easily reach 200 pounds by Christmas. I am tempted and she believes I wont struggle as much as I did before cause what she has is pharmaceutical strength. Im going to go for the consultation and check it out. Upside is Im already used to doing so little food that should be a breeze.

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