Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Weeks AWOL

I have been neglectful on the blogging. Bad girl. Last time I checked in I was having trouble with my fill. That has seemed to taper out. To date have lost 47 pounds. Been banded 4 months so thats about 10+ pounds a month which isnt bad. I have lost an additional 9 inches. I discovered I am not coordinated. Decided to sweat with Richard Simmons. I tell you watching girls that are bigger than me do those moves will kick your butt when you realize how out of shape you are. I have been using my facebook account to keep motivated and accountable as well as myfitnesspal on the net and my phone. I love that site cause you can see the nutrient breakdown of what food you put in your mouth.

I am doing Jenny Craig meals when I fix something for the family that I cannot eat with the band or that just isnt healthy for ME. I can happily say I can fit into a size 18 comfortable. Im thrilled with that.

Just bought my second installment of detox regimen. Im doing a liver detox. Then Ill do a metal detox. I found when I do a detox it helps the pounds release.

Stay on the losing bench my friends :)

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Becky said...

Mary you are doing so well! I'm really happy to read about your success, way to go!