Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 8

Only had a loss of.4 but Im on you know what. Took a detox bath. My daughter told me about it on the HCG forums. So hey Im up for anything that might help. Baking soda and epsom salt and hot bath for 20 minutes. I guess people use it to detox and to break stalls. I just figured I could use a detox, couldnt everyone. I should have measured today but my planned day of cleaning my husband changed. So off to the big town we went. I only had an apple while he and my grandson at braums cheeseburgers. The smell filled the cab of the truck. Smelled so yummy it made me lose my appetite. Not for the cheseburger but for the apple. Didnt finish it. Upside of the day was that while we looked for end tables for his office we also bought a new bed and dressor for our bedroom. So pretty.

Here is a picture. Then went to Bed Bath and Beyond for the bedding. Happy Birthday to me but its not until the end of the month :)


lavenderdiva said...

You've been very steady in your losses, and continue to do very well! I'll be interested in hearing how your detox bath helped in your weight loss....

Miss Mary said...

The detox bath gave me a 1.2 pound loss. The day before the bath was a .4.