Sunday, January 17, 2010

Going for the 50

Ok so back on track again. Holding on the 20 pound loss for this round. So 5 more pounds and I reach my 50 pound goal. So 8 more days on the injections then breaking for a week and doing p3. Its my birthday and I need a break. And if and when I reach the 50 pounds I will be very happy and should reach that by then. We had tickets bought for a dinner theatre and Im excited about that. Never been and I can do p3 there. So both those in one week. Then back on the vlcd.
My daughter is having a wedding in April. So hoping I look good


helderheid said...

I think this sounds like a great plan.

Thanks for sharing those pictures. I can only imagine how this is affecting you.

lavenderdiva said...

hi Mary, hang in there, you're gonna see 50lbs gone in no time. I think you're ready for P3. Enjoy it and come back when you are ready. You have so much pulling at you, it'll be a good time for a break. hugs.