Sunday, January 10, 2010

R2 D15 20 Pounds Lost

So I set a goal of at least reaching a 20 pound loss on R2. So far I have reached that and it is day 15. I am aking a break February 2 for three days cause we are going to a dinner theatre. I will be ready to eat by then :)I will eat p3 foods that day and then finish my injections the day's after.
I am pretty happy with the way it is going so far. Ive done better than I expected. I only lost 25 on R1 so ya Im happy with 15 days in losing 20.
All I can say is water water water. It helps.
For some reason today at church I got alot of compliments. I guess it takes losing 1/3 of your weight before anyone really notices. Someone even tried to pull up my sweater lol. And I got a skinny remark. (no way near skinny) I am not publishing to anyone Im on a diet. Just a few close people know. But its nice when someone notices :P


nikkispower said...

Looks like what you're doing is most definitely working--Congrats!

It does feel good that others notice and comment on the weight loss, but I just love looking in the mirror and acknowledging to myself about my losses. It took me a long time to believe what I was seeing...don't ask me why? lol

You go gurl!

lavenderdiva said...

Wow! -20lbs in 15 days is just amazing! You're doing great-

Brandi said...

You rock! :)

helderheid said...

That is an INCREDIBLE loss!! Wow!