Thursday, February 4, 2010


So after an absence of sorts. What is new? Ended p2 of r2 about a week ago. Too much stress going on. Earthquake in Haiti and we have children and friends there. Couldnt handle it and be on a diet. Well ended r2 with a 20 pound loss so counting my blessings!. Only 1 pound over my LIW. Ended r2 short but its ok. I plan on finishing my shots starting this monday after super bowl sunday :) Company coming over. Dinner theatre this saturday so I plan on enjoying myself before I go for another 10 pound loss. Then on maintenance for 3 weeks then back on the protocol right before my daughters wedding. Sounds like a plan right. Lets hope I can stick with it. Trying to reach onederland before the wedding. Crossing fingers :P

Good news is that all of our friends in Haiti are fine. The school we are building is still standing. The only up hill battle is keeping our orphanages stocked with food and water. But we have come this far so I think we can do just fine. Believing only good things.


helderheid said...

What can I do to help your orphanage?

lavenderdiva said...

That's wonderful news about your orphanage and your family! Thank you for updating us on that. You've been in my prayers....