Friday, February 19, 2010

Hevnt Seen You in a Long Time

Love getting a "you look really good".
Husband came home from Haiti Thursday. Had to make an appointment with the doctor for him. Poor baby came home sick. So found out it was an inner ear infection along with sinus infection. But he felt well enough to go to favorite Mexican restaurant. Haven't been there except for once since October and the owner wasn't there. So he saw me and did a double take. New hairdo and I'm not sure he knew it was me(giggles).
He kept staring at me. Saying its been a long time! So after our meal he came over and chit chatted it up for a few minutes. He then told me I was looking good and looked at Jim and smiled. So yeah that made my day.
Holding on to that 45.
And yes I ate some things I shouldn't have. A few chips and a a couple spoonfuls of rice. I found that a little here and there doesn't hurt me nor change the scale but a half a pound up and down and I can deal with that.
Anyway I had a great moral boost for today.


lavenderdiva said...

Don't you feel SO good when others notice? Its a big confidence boost! congratulations on looking so good!!

nikkispower said...

Great way to look at this. After all we've all lost quite a bit and will continue to lose.
Looking at your before and after pictures expect many more compliments..you look great!!

helderheid said...

That is AWESOME! Sorry to be so late in replying. Was on the road. Congratulations!