Friday, February 12, 2010

Staying Alive lol

I was reminded by a sweet email that I have totally slacked off on blogging. Its true. Guilty as charged. super super busy. Husbands in Haiti and we have two businesses with 15 male employees here. So while he is gone I do double the work. Im now on maintenance with a 20 pound loss this past round. Didnt reach my 50 pound goal but happy with losing a total of 45 pounds. Some highlights were shopping for my mother of the bride dress and am in a size 18 dress. So in dresses Im 3 sizes down. jeans are a different story some are 18 some are not lol. Higlight today was water aerobics and then some toning on machines. used the eliptical and some others. Need to tighten up alot. I lost weight in some weird places. ALot on my boobs and underarms lol. Seems like I lost more weight in my upper body than anywhere else. Have not lost one inch on my arms ugh. So one month then Ill do another round. I need to measure tommorow morning so I can gauge what the workout will do. Will promise to post more. It is good for the soul and helps you keep you eyes on the goal and my goal is a size 7. :P

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Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear you were away because of a full schedule. It sounds like you've definitely been busy but you sound happy, too.

Thanks to the title of your post I have visions of John Travolta dancing through my head!