Thursday, January 24, 2013

C25K Week 1 Completed

Week 1 of C25K done and in the history books. My freaking hips are killing me. But i am feeling very much accomplished.

I have also joined a program called "Back on Track" by
Bariatric Support Centers International
That is what materials I am using. I am attending a weekly webinar associated with the back on track materials with WLS Success Matters. The hosts are Sandi from Banded Living and Wendy Campell AKA Banded Wendy of Proof WLS Works. The course materials are very informative. And I am daily discovering new things about myself, my tool and gaining knowledge to work this tool at its best. The weekly webinars with those two woman are meaty to say the least. They are both very genuine in there care for people with wls to reach there full potential and the back on track program is just that. For those who find themselves slipping like I was.

Saturday my daughter will be coming to help me do my fitness assessment. One of the assignments I need to do. basically how many push ups, sit ups etc that I can do now. So I can gauge my progress at the end of the course.

Today I also started my 5 day Kick Start portion of the program. Basically getting my body in Ketosis mode so it will start burning stored fat and not sugar reserves. So woke up and ate bacon and eggs :)

For some reason today I am feeling drained. Could it be the lack of caffeine maybe as I cannot have any sweeteners for 5 days.So no coffee.

Here's to living Your Best Life.

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