Sunday, January 20, 2013

Couch To 5K Day 1

My daughter and I have talked back and forth about doing a 5K together. We both need to get into shape. I am a hit and miss when it comes to exercising. I have not found anything that I love to do. I have ADD when it comes to a formal routine of exercise. I dont obey the rules of WLS when it comes to exercise. I will do it a few days then nothing. Bottom line I get bored easily. Too easy. So I saw someone post about a Color Run. It looked like it was fun, not your typical run against the time kind of 5 K. I was stoked. Yes stoked. That is a word back from my teenage years just in case you are too young to remember ever hearing that word.

So a little research and I downloaded an app on my new pink IPOD lol

Day one complete. Thankfully the app has you run one minute and walk another. Or else I think I would die. Yesterday on our family outing. My daughter says "Mom you wont be upset if Sue and I run ahead of you". O little girl dont underestimate your momma. Of course I said not at all. She knows how competitive her momma is. I like a challenge and I dont want to eat anyones dust. Mind you I wouldnt mind her trainer leaving me because that chick is fit as can be. But my daughter thats another story. I will be on her heals. Love that girl.

I am also excited because one of my best friends is going to run in the same color run as me. It will all be our first 5k. I say there will be three emotional woman by the end of the finish line.


Tiffany said...

Hey girl--I'm so excited! I'm proud of you! I can't wait...I'm gonna try to do it again in Des Moines over the summer!

Have you tried P90X yet? It's perfect for the ADD in us...it changes every few seconds and every day is different! Its SO hard, but it feels great!

Amber said...

I can't wait to do this with you, it will be quite the challenge for all three of us. One that we need and yes I am seeing some very emotional woman at the end! Love you both, proud of you mom!

Kates said...

I can't wait to do the Color Run again! I did it in October 2012 and loved it! I really enjoyed reading your blog too! We have a lot of things in common...it's good to know I'm not alone :)

Cat said...

YAY Color Run!! I nearly did the Philadelphia Color Run. Have a blast and great job on day 1!

Mecia said...

Good for you lady will be cheering yo on :)