Thursday, January 17, 2013

Drum Roll Please....

I am super excited about getting closer to my own "Onderland". Two pounds away :) In celebration I ordered me a new pink ipod to load all my pics and music on. Too cute. I also cut off my hair. I have been wanting to do this for a long time. My hair is so thin and I love the sporty look. Most people like it :) Here is my new do:
I still need to learn how to fix it :)
Learning a lot of things about myself. Discovered YES I am an emotional eater. It wasnt until an argument not initiated from me but a girlfriend who had issues with me throwing out opened boxes and canisters of junk food. I had a bunch after the holidays and for me to be successful at this there are times I cant have this stuff in the house. So I pitched them in the trash. I also posted about it on Facebook. MISTAKE. She jumped on it and told me it was "disgraceful to throw away food". Thankfully I didnt retort back with nasty stuff though I wanted to. i explained that I have been dealing with a lot of emotional stuff lately and was resorting to eating my feelings. She literally said "oh brother". I could of done a lot of things. I could have just unloaded with a bunch of nasty things back. But I tried to think about where she was coming from. And yes I realized why she was so harsh. It wasnt about ME at all. Though it did hurt my feelings. I am glad to say that I didnt medicate myself with food. That is what I usually do. Either that or take a nap. Those are my two ways of dealing with hurtful things. I stayed awake and just felt the feelings.

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