Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back to Basics- BOOBS Challenge

Well my first challenge and Im going to go for it.

Click the link you still might have time to get in on it.

Im trying to get my scale pic to load. Unfortunately I never weigh at night and it is showing a 7 pound difference since my last weigh in :(

What do I attribute this to? STRESS for one. (Daughter in hospital) My Starbucks mocha frap might be another but it was only one. And I wasnt eating much else.
Anyhow I am going to get my butt in gear!


Becky said...

Yay! Glad you are doing the challenge too! Don't sweat the 7lb difference. If I weighed at night I would find something similar. Also, it will pay off to have a higher starting weight!

Good luck!

Ronnie said...

It sounds like this is the perfect time for a challenge then! Good luck. :)