Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 1 of Cleanse

Got my stash for the 30 day cleanse. One pill in morning and one in the evening for three days. Then after that it will be two in morning then 2 in evening for 30 days. Have to eat clean as possible. Whole foods, plenty of water. After this initial cleanse Im going to do a liver detox and a metal detox. Then my body will be free of toxins. Might as well start fresh as possible.

I am an admitted product junkie.
If its new, smells yummy, looks like I will benefit or just because I heard about if from someone else. I will buy it and try it. I need rehab for this addiction.

I do believe I need to do this to get things moving in right direction. Im also getting rid of household chemicals and going to go green!

Lets see what the husband thinks about it. he already wont eat some healthy stuff I am making. I made a great salad with thinly sliced zucchini cherry tomatoes and red onions with a little garlic seasoning, e.v.o.o, salt, pepper and some feta. It was delicious. He didnt want to even eat it cause the zucchini wasnt fried!


Becky said...

Haha, I know, my husband wouldn't be super interested in a salad either. But, just so you know, that salad sounds great to me!

Hmm, you've got me thinking about doing a detox. How does that work? Does it make you go number 2 or something?

Miss Mary said...

It does clean you out Becky. I am noticing a difference in that area. Not wanting to be gross but I have gone more than ever before. I will warn you sometimes you feel bad for a few days and thats cause all the stuff is releasing from your fat storage and organs. So you might feel ill for a few days.

Andrea said...

Good luck on the cleanse. I think that sounds like a good idea. Let us know how it goes.