Thursday, July 7, 2011

Focus Off

10 days ago my daughter was in a terrible car accident. We have been struggling with some of her bad choices that she has made the last year. She is a beautiful intelligent woman who has been spiraling out of control without going into it, to say it has been emotionally hard is an understatement. Just when I am needing to totally focus on me I havent been able to.
Today we brought her home but not to our house but my mom's. I just cant have her here. I am raising her son at moment and it is just best that she gets well somewhere else.

Traveling back and forth between here in Missouri & Arkansas has not been good on my new lifestyle. Have made good choices on food for the most part but have not been able to exercise worth a darn. I did get a nice bike ride one day in but that is about it.
No excuses right. Just life sometimes gets in the way.

Tomorrow is end of work week but its going to be a start of new one for me.
I need to get sElFiSh for awhile. make myself a priority. I have been reading Suzanne Sommers "Sexy Forever" its about the toxicity in our lives. Very good health information.
I knew alot of this information before when I was on HCG and went on a detox. Well that
part I will do again. Going back to eating clean and doing a total body detox with

Ill post some results about the cleanse. My body is at a stand still. Not losing and this is supposed to be my honeymoon stage. :(But Im not gaining. Everyone says they can see a difference so must have lost some inches. The cleanse should help with weight loss by cleaning out my system of all toxins that would keep the fat not wanting to release.

I recommend reading her book.

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