Sunday, July 31, 2011

Scale Ho= Guilt as Charged!

Have had a hard time since my last fill. Some days Im so tight I can barely get one meal in without a problem. Yesterday we went for Thai food. It was my first time. It was so good. Fresh vegetables lots of spice. I was so tight couldnt get much ate. On the way to our hotel ten minutes into the ride I had to make them pull over cause I got sick. So embarrassing in front of my friends puking my guts up.

My good guy pal came out to give me a Kleenex. My husband of course stayed in the car. Weak kneed guy. He cant even stand the gurgling sounds I have been making with meals. Not sure if this is normal or not.
Dont know if I need an unfill. I dread the fills I hate to keep going back and forth on this.

Only lost a pound this week but thats better than nothing. Would have expected more because of not eating much but all that does is make your body want to hold onto it even more :(


Erin Goebel said...

sometimes it can help to drink something warm before eating. When did you get your fill? I havent been that bad, but he has only been putting miniscule amounts in the past few months. he only did big fills the first 2 times.

Cece said...

Miss Mary - that 'holding' on is the story of my life !

Becky said...

A pound is a pound, you're moving in the right direction!