Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chicken Wings Arms

I am wanting to avoid the dreaded chicken wing arms. Found this here:
Chicken Wing Arms

Overhead Triceps Extensions
1. Stand upright, with your feet shoulder width apart.
2. Hold your dumbbell directly above your head with arm fully extended. Clasp elbow with free hand for support.
3. Slowly let your elbow fold so the dumbbell is lowered behind your head.
4. Extend your arm back to the starting position. Repeat for the desired number of reps and switch arms.

French Presses
1. Lie flat on a bench. Hold the dumbbells directly above your chest with palms facing each other.
2. The Dumbbells should be just about touching each other.
3. Keeping your shoulders locked, let your elbows fold so the dumbbells are lowered down to either side of the head.
4. Extend both your arms back to start position and repeat

Triceps Kickbacks
1. Stand upright next to a bench. Place one arm and leg on the bench. Your upper body should be parallel to the ground.
2. Holding the dumbbell raise your elbow so your upper arm is parallel to the ground. Your elbow should be bent at right angles.
3. Extend your elbow so your entire arm is parallel to the ground.
4. Slowly return to the start position and repeat for the desired number of reps before changing arms

Diamond Pushups
1. Lie face down on the floor with your hands palm down, fingers pointing straight ahead, and aligned at the nipple line.
2. Place your hands in the centre of your chest and form a diamond shape with your index fingers and thumbs.
3. Your feet should be at hip width with your toes on floor.
4. Extend the elbows and raise your body off the floor.
5. Lower your entire body (legs, hips, trunk, and head) 4-8 inches from the floor.
6. Return to the start position by extending at the elbows and pushing your body up.
7. Remember to keep the head and trunk stabilized and in a neutral position by isometrically contracting the abdominal and back muscles.
8. Never fully lock out the elbows at the start position and avoid hyperextension of the low back.


leannjax said...

Thanks Mary! My hubby and I were just discussing "bat wings" this morning and wondering how I can work against what is to come. Thanks for these helpful diagrams (I'm a visual person). These exercises are something I can do right now to help myself!!

hugs, LeAnn

Ronnie said...

I was also just talking about mine, thanks for this!

Cat said...

I do the tricep kickback every weights workout. Thanks for the other suggestion. I'm going to try the overhead drop behind the head one this week. I have serious bat wings (too big to even be called chicken!) I think this will help but I am still planning on having arm lift after 12 - 18 mos at goal.