Sunday, June 19, 2011

Too Much

Yesterday was a busy busy day. Probably the first weekend since being banded that I was able to really do some yard work. We are having a family cook out for 4th of July. Alot of my husbands family will be here that has never been here and we have been married 20 years :( So I really busted my butt.

I used the tiller in the garden and hoe'd and raked for a total of 3 hours with a few breaks sitting in the shade. I sweated like a pig. Good for the pores :P But late that night had some pain in my port area. I am taking a break and not exercising today. Totally going to veg.

I am trying to really focus on what I want in my life.
So many hidden things to discover about why I got in this position.
Some things I discover and deal with probably wont be pleasant but at same time.
I know it has to be more than just eating bad.

Here is to self discovery. Even if it might be difficult and hard to face.


Becky said...

Oo, good workout the day before, but I hope that your port site is feeling better today!

I have the same mental process going on. What am I supposed to be learning now...lots more than just how to eat correctly!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your veg day...everyone deserves a bit of time off from hard work!