Friday, June 3, 2011

Weekly Recap May 28- June 3

Weekly Averages

Average Daily Calores 730

Fat 33.1g

Fat cal291

fat 40%

Saturated 7.4g

fat Cal 66

fat 9%



266 calories




165 Calories


No big losses this week. I know its probably because the majority of food has been bad carbohydrates: mashed potatoes, puddings and such. Today I got more protein today in. I decided to move onto soft foods not just mushy pureed food and seemed much more satisfied. Today I ate a half cup of almonds that I chewed forever for breakfast, tuna with a little of mayo over some fresh lettuce picked from my garden. Then at dinner I made some crappie fried :( and ate three brocolli florets with a little cheese. Todays calories though only added up to 883. I had astrange episode this afternoon though. While in my garden I was bending over and my vision went strange and I got dizzy. Had to sit but it wouldnt go away. So I laid down for an hour. Dont know what that is about. Tomorrow Im going to do light aerobics and just move. Need to get this thing on a roll :P


Cat said...

Hi there! I saw you were following my blog now and wanted to stop over and return the favor. I was banded on 3/16/11 so You and are are pretty much in the same boat, I'm just a bit further along. We'll do it together!! Have a great weekend.

Heather Lane said...

I think you are doing GREAT !! I cant wait to get where you are !! Love your blog too ! Cant wait to read more !