Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some Days You Just Feel Like a Nutt

Literally that has been the one constant food that I don't have problems with. O and Greek yogurt. It is frustrating how many stuck episodes I have had. I chew religiously but seems that when I wait and have my first meal as lunch I inevitably have problems.

Food that was easily consumed the night before gets stuck the next day.
I am proud of the food choices I have made while at restaurants.
Yesterday my son wanted to go out to lunch before heading to the beach.
I chose grilled chicken breast no skin 1 serving brown beans and a cup of cottage cheese. I only took a couple bites of the cottage cheese and ate half the chicken and almost all the beans. Lunch calories were only 252 calories and over 40 g protein. I later ate the rest of the chicken. It was very yummy.

Woke up early today even though I was skipping Sunday School at church. Im terrible I have my own missions ministry yet I chose to stay home for SS cause our guest speaker was a missionary who wanted both the SS class and the regular service. I opted out lol my bad! Though me and my husky did enjoy a great early morning walk.

Enjoy your day and most of all enjoy your life. Its the only one you get.

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