Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cheap Date

Went for my first restaurant meal since surgery on May the 11th. I have to get used to not getting to eat certain items. Im still on the mushy stage for foods until my first fill on June 15th. So I picked a cream potato soup. Not great choice calorie wise but Im not supposed to be concerned about that until my first fill. I enjoyed it but my families family go out to meal is steak and seafood. So my son loves Lonestar. The guys got huge Ribeyes.

To date I am down 14 pounds. I started supplements three days ago. Yuk. Chew-ables.

I feel like Im 4.

We have a home group for bible study once a month and yeah we host. So that means I provide the majority of the food. Didnt feel like cooking so bought a coconut cream cake and fruit platter. and I ate yogurt. Had some questions about why I wasnt eating and I just said Im having some stomach issues at moment. Everyone left it at that :)

For some reason I have become addicted to the food network lol. Hooked on Hungry Girl


Anonymous said...

Congrats on losing the 14 lbs! My MIL bought me the Hungry Girl Cookbooks and I don't think I ever cracked one open.

Nosy question, but what is the first fill?

Miss Mary said...

Since I had a band put around the top portion of my stomach, it works like a belt. Right now it is not inflated to form a smaller pouch. They fill he band with fluid to make the opening smaller. When I eat I have to limit portions to less than 4 oz three times a day. It triggers the brain to tell me Im full and satisfied. Which in the end less calories which gives me substantial weight loss.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny! I was banded on
5/27/11 and I have never watched the food network! Boy, has that changed I was home 2 days recovering from surgery and watched it ALL day! I'm not sure why. Maybe wishful thinking, huh?