Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Liquid/Mushy diet Bites

Yep its official this liquid/mushy diet sucks royally!
I walked around Wal Mart grocery looking for mushy food I would want to eat and yeah resorted to buying more yogurt and soup.

But I am thinking maybe I will drop some pounds this month.
I have only lost 11 pounds since the surgery 13 days ago. Only woke up with a .5 loss this morning. But I havent been able to walk much cause I do not feel well. I believe its just from lack of nutrients. Tomorrow Im allowed to go on supplements and vitamins and minerals. I am not getting enough protein either, everything Ive found I cant seem to stomach. It is just gross.
I am hoping after talking the supplements and vitamins I will feel stronger.
I am getting plenty of calcium as seems I can tolerate yogurt and milk products well.
Heres hoping to some energetic days soon.


Anonymous said...

I hope you are able to expand your menu soon. Take Care!

Michelle said...

Wow 11 lbs since surgery. THat is awesome. Way to go..

Miss Mary said...

Thank you Michelle. And Autumn I am so ready.