Thursday, May 19, 2011


Yesterday went to see my care provider. Bandages off, incisions are small except for the one by the port. I think they will heal nicely, not raised or bumpy. Care provider said full liquid diet and follow the handbook they gave me. Well handbook says Im on week two and I can go to pureed foods. So I had a little cottage cheese, oatmeal and and a shake today. Not hungry. She said it will come back but I dont want the hunger to come back.
It gets difficult to be around other people eating. Some of the guys had cheeseburgers for lunch and one had a hot roast beef sandwich and potatoes and gravy. Smelled yummy. Im not hungry but my mouth is watering
I saw a picture of my lovely band. She asked if they put some fluid in my band already. That I could not answer.
I do have some left shoulder pain that comes and goes and not sure what that is.
The terrible gas and bloating has gone and I feel human again.

Im wanting a potato. Dont know why but I do. Maybe my body needs a certain mineral. Cant go on supplements until next week.

Its been one week since my surgery and I have went to work everyday this week. I am pooped but recovering quickly.

I ordered some exercise videos "Zumba Dance" for my Kinect and P90X. I know Im not ready for either yet but getting geared up.

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