Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One Week Bites the Dust

Felt terrific today. What I am really liking is NOT being hungry and well in all honesty I should be. I am not eating and so one would think you should be hungry. NADA. I guess its the band. This is unknown territory for me. Not being hungry. Always wanted to eat. I still think about food. I love food. Im an excellent cook. Im Italian :) I am thinking of what to eat when I can eat. Then I think I wonder if I want to go through all that trouble for just a few bites of it.

I was able to work with little discomfort today. Tommorow I visit my care provider. maybe I can eat mushies then. My calorie content is around 400 - 500 at moment. If I could eat something of substance it probably would be higher. Going to try and get on treadmill (slow pace) for 15. It will help me sleep tonight and well I took another two hour nap. After I heal I wont be able to do that so I am taking full advantage of it. My vegetable garden is looking great. Cant wait to harvest some of that.
Here's to losing.

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