Tuesday, December 15, 2009

1st Day of Week 3 Round 2

Well apple day was a success. Lost two pounds. Hope this starts things again. This day begins week 3 hope I can loose at least 7 pounds before my interruption on the holidays. Not fretting too much cause I am thankful for getting this far. Tommorow will be stressful as I will have to shop and not be in the protection of my own office and home ugh! Have to shop for the groceries for the xmas party for my employees. Then the fun will be of cooking all that yummy mexican food I cant eat. O well. Heres to a smaller butt lol.


helderheid said...

So glad it worked for you! Hang in there. You'll get there!

nikkispower said...

I'm hoping to lose more before my break..at least I think I'm doing an interruption..not sure yet. So far I've not reached immunity. I'm with you about being thankful, every time I touch my tummy and realize how much I've lost!
Great losing!