Friday, December 25, 2009

New Start Tomorrow

Well after a week of totally blowing it I will start back on the injections and the 500 calorie diet tomorrow. I think I can do it now that I am more emotionally stable again. I am afraid to get on the scale though. My bodily functions are so out of whack. I had to take ex lax two days in a row so ya what fun. Anywho I am ready. Wish me luck.
I had a great Christmas. I got a touring bike. 21 speed. Whoot. O and a fountain for my living room. Great day.


nikkispower said...

That is so the spirit of this HCG thing! Most definitely I'm all for new beginnings!

If that's a picture of your front room it is beautiful! Great gifts too!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Mary said...

Yes Nikki thats my front room. No tv allowed in there lol. The boys have there own space where they can have that. Glad to get back on the hcg and start losing again.

helderheid said...

Gorgeous!! Good luck with the fresh start and happy holidays!

chipmunck said...

Gratz on the bike!! :) That is always a great gift.

You have a beutiful front room btw! :)

The greatness that is hcg! I think it will be easier now that the holidays are coming to an end! Wishing you much luck! A good fresh start in the new year is always a great motivator! :)

Lis said...

Beautiful Christmas decorations! Thanks for posting your vents... it helps to know I am not the only one! Good luck as you restart your VLCDs. ~Lis

Connie Weiss said...

How awesome that you got a bike!!

I just started the protocol on Christmas Eve and I've enjoyed reading about your journey.

Good Luck!