Saturday, December 26, 2009

Things I Have Learned Off Protocol

One thing I have learned is that going off protocol can quickly bring disasterous results and quickly. Secondly I feel so much more better while on protocol and while not deviating. Thirdly water is very important. It helps stave off hunger and helps the HCG do its thing. Like flush the fat out. Amazingly I like life better on protocol. Going one week off of protocol had me gaining the ten pounds I lost on being on round two for two weeks. So after getting my crap together and putting to rest again for another year the grieving of not having my daughter with me. I am ready to get er done :)I cant wait to use my bike. I wish it wasnt raining and snowing.


helderheid said...

very important lessons. :) So much of what we "can" have should really be avoided.

lavenderdiva said...

Hi, Miss Mary-- I'm so sorry about all that you are reliving and experiencing this holiday season. It is so hard when we've lost a loved one during the holidays. My father died on Dec. 26 several years ago, and sometimes I catch myself feeling sad, and then have to remind myself that his passing is probably why.

You needed this break to get yourself together, and perhaps indulge a wee bit to soothe those frayed emotions. Even though you gained a little, you can get right back on track, and they will come off in no time!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! You are sounding better and ready to get er done! LOL

Is there an indoor activity you like to do? I prefer running outside but love love love the elliptical when I can't get outside.

Miss Mary said...

Thank you for the encouraging words.Only inside activity I like would be the ones under the covers lol. I will get back on the treadmill and watch Desperate Housewives so the minutes go bye.

Anonymous said...

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