Monday, December 14, 2009

Lessons Learned

Ok didnt cheat but saw a gain of .8. What did I do.
Maybe it was the fact that I tanned saturday. Yep sure did. Got tired of my pasty white skin and put my butt in my tanning bed. My reasoning was surely it couldnt be THAT bad. I read where it does make your body have a chemical reaction. OK so DR. S. does know what he was talking about. Sure I got a little color but I also saw a gain and nothing foreign entered these lips.
Like I said Lesson Learned. Wont do that again.
So to make up for my stupidity I am doing an apple day
See what that brings tommorow.
Four apples eaten Blah!
Last time I did this was during a stall and I lost 3 pounds and started losing again. Crossing fingers and going to bed early


Anonymous said...

An apple day? You mean, like eating nothing but apples all day? Really? Wow. I am intrigued. If it works, I might have to start doing that the day before weigh in!

Miss Mary said...

Yes it works. Down two pounds since yesterday.

Stephanie said...

The apples can work because of the fiber. The bulk fills you up. You can do the same with lettuce or any other fibrous fruit or veg...
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