Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 2 of VLCD

Yes yesterday was hard. I am so stinking fickle. First I dont want it then I do. Kinda sounds like my sex life.

Thankfully I found a site that has a accepted salad dressing for p2 of the protocol. Very yummy. Its a god send for sure. Here is link: Pounds and Inches Away
It will make plain spinach and greens awesome and tolerable.

So I had a great loss of 2.2 pounds. ...........

Breakfast: apple

Lunch: chicken and onions stir fried with water lol

Dinner: chicken on a large bed of raw spinach with pounds and inches away dressing.

I did not get all my water in so that is something I have to work on today.

Im taking care of a recovering puppy and trying to catch up on paperwork. Husbands out of town and running two companies. So no stress there

Have a great day Losers ! I crack myself up. You too maintainers!


helderheid said...

Love it, you loser! GREAT loss! Woooohooo! I have got to be better about getting in my greens. Think I'll buy some cucumbers. :)

Anonymous said...

You must be doing better today...two jokes in one post!

Miss Mary said...

Yes doing better. Love losing.

Caitlin said...

LOL! You are too funny! Great loss and isn't that dressing awesome! Love it... glad to have you back with us P2er's. :)