Saturday, December 5, 2009

Down 4.8 Pounds Load Weight Almost Gone

Woke up to a 2.8 pound loss whoot! Happy camper my load day weight is almost gone. Well went shopping today and spent a good part of the day pulling my pants up. Resorted to folding the top part over so I wouldnt have to keep hiking them up. I guess there could be worse things. I refuse to have a muffin top so I will wait to buy some new jeans when they are totally unwearable. Went shopping trying to find an outfit for our company christmas party. When I lost the 25 pounds I decided to give away my fat girls clothes. I could still fit into some but I refuse to wear them again. They reminded me of my fat frumpy OLD self. So not going there. Nope nada not happening. So now I need something nice so I look hott infront of all the employees wives.

I crack myself up seriously. I wouldnt do that.

I went christmas shopping in the big town and couldnt bring any food, well cause I forgot my apple but bought some water.

Very tempted. McDonalds was beckoning me bit I resisted. Instead at 4 pm I stopped at walmart to get groceries and found some precooked fajita meat and bought some apples and my favorite water Dasani!. Ate that chicken in the car along with my apple. I was hungry

Looking forward to seeing what the scale does since I only had the equivelant of one meal on the protocol. Seeing if that does anything different on the scale.

Wonder if anyone has fasted on the HCG?


Anonymous said...

You are off to a great start! Congrats on the loss. I know how you feel about old clothes being frumpy. I even felt that way about my pjs!

Miss Mary said...

I do have sexy pj's lol. I cant wait though to trade those teddy's in for corset's :P

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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