Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Camper

Happy camper. 2.4 pounds lost since yesterday. Husband came home since being gone for a week. So I got some needed excercise lol

Just love getting up and getting on
that scale especially when it is nice to me.

I dont know if anyone else on this group has tried it but I ordered some more Julian Bread. It has only 1 net carb and is protocol safe. It didnt affect my weight on p3 but I only had it like 2 times a week. It is great toasted.

Its not cheap but worth it.


Caitlin said...

Hi! I am really interested in that bread- will have to check it out! Thanks! Oh and by the way- good luck on finding an incredible dress!!! You will have so much fun! We just had our party and I have to admit it was pretty fun prancing around in my new slimmer body. :) haha!

helderheid said...

Congrats on the major loss and the exercise ;)

nikkispower said...

That's sic! You go gurl to me that's the best way to burn calories!! lol. I'm finding I'm doing much more dancing and running these last few weeks. What a joy to be able to do that without being winded!
Great losing!