Friday, November 6, 2009

1st Day No Injections

No injections to take today but I woke up at the usual time to tinkle lol and weigh in. Down another .8 pounds. So far not hungry but had to go to the big town today to get some things. Picked up the gk and went to the health food store. O my he wouldn't keep quiet. Nanny those hot dogs are brown. Shhhhsh Stephen. He thought the stuff looked weird lol. Bought an expensive pound of almond flour. Yikes. But he did find some peanut butter stuffed pretzels he wanted. We will see if he likes them lol. If not he bought some spinach dip and scoops for later at the regular grocery store. Made ribeyes and shrimp for the family and grilled some onions and hot chicken for me.

When I went to the store yesterday to buy some phase 3 foods I found that my mouth was watering at the thought of some of them lol. Sugar free jello with strawberries. O the things that will make me smile. I even bought some pork rinds to have when i just want a crunch or too. I just wont think what they really are when I eat them. I have to do that with eggs.

So looking forward to a real breakfast Sunday morning. Still have to clean out my clothes closet. Im getting rid of the frumpy fat girl clothes. I can still fit into some of them I just refuse to wear them. Nervous about p3 but excited.

I will start Pilate's Monday and I'm looking forward to it.

Good luck my fellow scale junkies and HCGers.

A few to giggle or cry who knows:

Just say no to frosting!

And say NO to cake!


helderheid said...

OMG, those pictures!!! HA! Hey, congrats on the loss! That's wonderful!

nikkispower said...

You're precious! Enjoy P3!