Sunday, November 1, 2009

Apple Day Today

I am doing my apple day. So far had 3.5 apples. Not hungry but not happy either. I woke up with a pound gain and I didnt cheat. Dont know what is going on but Im just hanging in there I hope I show more than a pound loss tomorrow because it said I gained one today. Wondering if karma is biting me cause Ive been dwelling on cheating but yet havent done it. :(
Went to a Mary Kay party today but couldnt do the facial's I explained that I was on a detox prescribed by my doctor. A friend wanted me to try a piece of oooey goooey brownie. Even went as far as to put it on a spoon and try and feed it to me. Torture. I didnt stay long after that. Left within minutes. Gave her a kiss told her I loved her and booked it outta there.
Wish me luck.

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nikkispower said...

Boy gurl you've got great fortitude!! Good for you! You should see a drop tomorrow.