Friday, November 27, 2009

Down a Pound After Thanksgiving Day

Yep this bod is a fickle one, while I didnt indulge I didnt expect to be down a pound either. All I had different was a crustless piece of pumpkin pie made without sugar. It was yummy and some other stuff that was p3 friendly but I felt stuffed and I thought surely it would bite me in the big ole butt. But was nicely surprised that the scale went down. Whoot. So now I am just 2 pounds over my LIW. Maybe my body is finding its correct weight. Who knows anymore. Im just really happy to start another round this week. Our puppy Tiffin who is an Alaskan husky and only 7 months old is sick today. I am praying its not Parvo which can be fatal in puppies. She doesnt want to get up and move. We have a 2 pm appointment for test. So if you read this and you believe in prayer please say one for her.


nikkispower said...

I'm sending your precious little pupply all of my highest and uplifting healing energies!

You're doing so good! Great losses!

chipmunck said...

I'm also sending healing thoughts to your puppy.

I used to work at a vet office and I do not want to hear that your dog has Parvo! Just the sniffles I will allow!!

BIG BIG BIG puppy hugs for your doggie!!