Monday, November 30, 2009

My Puppy Tiffin

The doctor believes we caught the parvo very early. They put her on iv's and admitted her Saturday. We haven't been able to see her but they or we have called everyday. She hasn't been vomiting and no blood in her stool. Shes weak still but alert. They say we can probably pick her up Wednesday. She will have to be on a strict diet and in quarantine for a month. I will be getting alot of exercising as i cant just let her run loose like we usually do on our 10 acres. I will have to walk her a few times a day so she gets her exercise and goes potty in certain areas. So just like any sick kid I'm going to have to baby her. She will be bumming cause she wont be able to have any treats o well. Ill be on p2 and i cant have any either lol.
Thank you for all the well wishes for her.


helderheid said...

Oh so scary. Thank God you caught it in time!

chipmunck said...

Oh nos!! :( I'm so happy to hear though that you caught it early and did something!

To imagine, your puppy will be able to come home on Wednesday! That is uplifting news.

My heart and thoughts are with your little one!!