Saturday, November 28, 2009

Only 1/2 Pound Over My LIW

Seems those 5 pounds are coming off by themselves without me having to do steak days. I just upped my protein to the max and cut down on the veggies. God I love those vegetables. Thats what I missed the most on p2. Well I have my appointment set for Monday the 30th @ 2pm to pick up my injections of HCG. She suggested I double up every other day since I am starting it sooner than 12 weeks. But we will see how that goes. Anyhow I am ready to start losing again. Never thought losing weight could be addictive :P


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Losing weight IS addictive, isn't it? As I rapidly approach the end of my journey, I'm starting to game-plan maintenance, and can see that it's not going to be quite as much fun as the onslaught of dropping the weight was.

Miss Mary said...

Well getting myself into sexier clothes will be just as addictive I think :P

Anonymous said...

Miss Mary, finding clothes to wear for your new smaller self is addicting!!! I have become a shopaholic. I started Christmas shopping this weekend and it went...one present for the children...one present for me...another present for the children....another present for me! LOL

helderheid said...

Look at you go! Hey, how is your adorable puppy?

Caitlin said...

Hi, Miss Mary! Congrats on the loss back down- that has got to feel great!!! Oh, and you are going to love that dressing! :) How is your puppy?

Anonymous said...

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