Monday, November 9, 2009

P3 Day 2

Yesterday evening was terrible. Had terrible cramps and the runs. Yuk. Not sure if it was bad hamburger meat from restaurant or just eating different foods. Had a yummy lunch. Spinach salad with red onions, bacon and an egg, hot bacon dressing. Shared it with one of my employees who is also a friend. I love allrecipes.com I can tweak recipes with the stuff I can have on P3.
Woke up at 5 am to do the pilates. Umm ya Boring lol.

Here is a picture of lunch. Eat ya hearts out. :)

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Brandi said...

I can't wait to eat again, lol. :) Really...maybe just stay away from restaurants for a little bit...until your body gets used to the extra stuff you can now eat.

Love you, you look amazing!