Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Guess Ill Be on P3 for Another Week

Seems my Homepath is on a Thanksgiving vacation. What gives? Doesnt she know I want my HCG lol. O well. The scale went down a little. Who knows what my fickle little(big) body is up too. Still getting on the treadmill. Thank goodness for Deperate Housewives as it is so freaking boring. Bought the holiday groceries. Changing up a few things so I can enjoy it also. Stuffed celery and stuffed jalepenos and deviled eggs for snacking will replace the potatoes, the noodles, stuffing and rolls. I am looking forward to going back on another round and start loosing again. I would rather loose weight than eat on the holdiays. Priorities. Actually looking and considering holiday vacations that require wearing a bathing suit. Even that I am far from that point. Just something to look forward too.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I'd rather lose weight, too. I'm not cooking the huge spread and having leftovers all weekend. Nope. We're ordering take out. Chinese. That way it's just one meal, enjoying it with the fam.

Treadmills are boring but I'm jealous that you have one. I did have one, but when we moved here I didn't bring it because we don't have anywhere to put it (no basements here in nc.) I miss it all the time now - to think of all those days I skipped it back then!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I'm making a big menu, but I have a full house. You can bet I'll be sending my guests home with leftovers. I'll save enough tradtional foods for one more meal for my children. I'm keeping the
P3 dishes!

I love my treadmill. I couldn't keep it in the basement when lil guy was a toddler. I put it in the familyroom and learned to deal with it. Otherwise, it wouldn't of got used.

You need some music to keep motivated on the treadmill! I have everything from 70s disco to todays hits on my iPod.

I like the idea of a vacation!
Happy Thanksgiving!