Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not Looking Back

Well even though I am having difficulties stabilizing. I have tasted what it is like to lose weight and I enjoy a thinner me. I desire to be thinner even more than I desire food. I am making plans for the thinner me. I am also joining a swimming excercise program in addition to me working out on the treadmill. So no matter what my doctor says I will continue on a healthier lifestyle. Im hoping to go back on the HCG on thanksgiving and start losing again. But I will take her advice and follow through.
Such hard work metally. Wonder what the scale will bring me tommorow.


helderheid said...

You've got the right attitude which is absolutely key. You hang in there. I've heard of others stabilizing above their LIW, just as some stabilize low. Try to relax and go with the flow. You've made incredible progress and the change in lifestyle for your health is incredible!

nikkispower said...

I'm feelin ya on that exercise tip! I can't wait to get back to running. And I agree with Helder my LIW weight before this interrupion was 147.8 but my body's seems to like 149. lol
You've got a strong mental attitude!