Wednesday, November 18, 2009

OOOOOPS I Did it Again

Seems the old girl needs to do another steak day. I was hoping I would wake up and magically those pounds would be gone. Ummm nope didnt happen. So plan for the day is to load up on freaking water YUK! And eat a big steak.
Suggestions from others suggests I am being too careful and eating too much veggies and under cutting my protein. So after steak day today I will be eating much more protein. All I have to do is survive the fasting all day. I hope I can drop the 3 pounds by morning. Anyone saying this isnt hard is a butt head. i never thought that 2000 calories was alot of food but when you factor in not eating grains, potatoes and rice thats alot of calories in fruits, veggies and protein. What a quandry I am in. Almost panic moments when I see the scale go up. Havent put anything in my mouth Im not allowed to I just think Im being conservative where I shouldnt be.
I discovered also I am missing the high of waking up every morning and loosing pounds. Imagine that.


Anonymous said...

You need to add more fats. That will help raise your calories, too. Try frying some eggs in real butter, add mayo to a lettuce wrap and a add few nuts.

Caitlin Murphy said...

I am totally with you on that last comment! I miss losing too.:) Your body will balance out soon enough, I am sure!